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Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde

Rauni Kilde was a provincial medical officer in Lapland from 1975 until a car accident in 1986. Since that accident Kilde has gone off on several paranoid riffs involving claims of UFO contacts and mind control. She also refers to herself as "formerly the Chief Medical Officer for Lapland."

Kilde claims there are secret military and intelligence agencies who have been using mind control technology on people around the world for almost half a century. Some have had microchips implanted in their bodies. The goal is control of our bodies and minds, including our dreams and subconscious minds.

Today, already about 50% of Finns, Swedes and Norwegians use mobile phones, especially the young population.

Mobile phones used in mind control was a brilliant idea. Military and police agencies can follow every user, influence their thoughts through microwaves, cause healthy people to hear voices in their heads and if needed burn their brains in a second by increasing the current 20,000 times.

That probably happened to Chechnyan leader General Dudayev who died talking to a mobile phone.*

The photon energy of a cellphone is more than 10 million times weaker than the lowest energy ionizing radiation and could not burn your brain, nor could it put voices in your head.* Something seems to be controlling Dr. Kilde's brain, but it isn't truthful information.

Kilde claims that supercomputers in Maryland, Israel, and elsewhere with a speed of over 20 billion bits/sec can monitor millions of people simultaneously. "The whole world population can be totally controlled by these secret brain-computer interactions, however unbelievable it sounds for the uninformed." Actually, it sounds unbelievable to the informed as well.

Until recently, she called these mind-control plots the "biggest crime in the history of mankind." She seems to have changed her mind (or was it changed for her?). Now, she says, the biggest crime of all time is Big Pharma's attempt to kill most of the Earth's population with the swine flu vaccine.

According to Kilde, the swine flu pandemic is a hoax sponsored by Big Pharma who ordered the WHO to declare the pandemic and to order forced vaccinations. The reason Big Pharma has created this hoax is twofold: it wants to kill billions of people and it wants to make an obscene amount of money. The obvious does not occur to Kilde: by killing so many people you substantially reduce the potential market for drug sales.

One critic does not find Kilde amusing:

Then there's Kilde, a former provincial medical officer in Finland, whose video interview is splattered all over the Web. Again, the H1N1 vaccine was designed to diminish world population and put billions of dollars into the coffers of pharmaceutical companies and of Donald Rumsfeld, who "owns one." (Ridiculous.) According to Kilde, children and pregnant women are to get the vaccine first because this is the best way to eliminate the next generation. The good doctor's wisdom is also demonstrated by her belief that the Nazis visited the moon in the 1940s, that the U.S. government has inserted microchips into babies for future mind control, and that extraterrestrials have saved her life three times, once by using a force field to deflect an elk that jumped in front of her car.*

In the interview alluded to, she also claims that the WHO is lying about swine flu cases and that Henry Kissinger is leading the Bilderberg Group in a plot to kill a majority of people on Earth.

You will notice in the interview she repeatedly uses the phrase "in my mind," which is about the only place most of the things she claims are actually happening. Pay close attention to this video. If you ignore the content of her speech, she seems quite sane and the kind of woman you'd let your grandchildren have tea with. It's rather frightening, I think.

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