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What we actually do is clear blocks, and healing then naturally flows. --from the kinergetics FAQ

kinergetic healing in process; approach with caution!Kinergetics is a type of energy healing that combines applied kinesiology, thought field therapy, intuitive healing, therapeutic touch, something called "jaw stacking," and apparently anything else that pops into the therapist's mind. Somehow this is all connected to quantum physics. Kinergetic healing claims that it diagnoses and cures illness and disease by identifying "energetic dysfunctions." All disease and illness, it says, are due to an imbalance in energy in the body.

There is no compelling scientific evidence for any of the techniques used in kinergetic healing. Combining various forms of placebo medicine may slightly increase the placebo effect, but it is unlikely that kinegetic healing is any more effective than any other form of energy healing.

Philip Rafferty claims to be the founder of kinergetics. Here he demonstrates this therapy:

If you're not convinced, remember that kinergetics has over 300 testimonials. Of course there are no scientific studies to support the efficacy of kinergetics, but that doesn't matter since it is unlikely to appeal to people who understand the beauty, power, and limitations of science-based medicine.

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