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true-believer syndrome

True-believer syndrome is an expression coined by M. Lamar Keene to describe an apparent cognitive disorder characterized by believing in the reality of paranormal or supernatural events after one has been presented overwhelming evidence that the event was fraudulently staged. Keene is a reformed phony psychic who exposed religious racketeering—to little effect, apparently. Phony faith healers, psychics, channelers, televangelist miracle workers, etc., are as abundant as ever. >>more

sample Mysteries and Science (for kids 9 and up)

magic jewelry

In a nutshell: Magic jewelry gives you power and protects you from harm. It brings you health and keeps you from tipping over. Or maybe not.

Magic jewelry is any jewelry worn to make you better or to protect you from harm. A bracelet won't make you healthier or bring you The Placebo Band braceletgood luck. A necklace won't make you stronger or bounce back evil rays. That only happens in stories. Pieces of metal, cloth, paper, rubber, or plastic that are made into jewelry might look nice, but they aren't magical. Yet, many people spend a lot of money on such jewelry. Why?>>more

a blast from the past

Manipulating the Media to Promote Quackery

7 July 2010. Rashid Buttar, the osteopath who promotes the fantasy that thebuttar cause of all chronic disease is "toxicity," now promotes himself as a "World Renowned Controversial Doctor" with a bestseller providing "Information that Mainstream Media Is Unwilling to Air." You, too, could join in the deception by buying space on PRWeb. For as little as $80 you could send out an announcement about your Nobel prize nomination. (I'll nominate you for free.)>>more

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