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Hutchison hoax

The Hutchison hoax is named after an eccentric Canadian, John Hutchison, a fan of Nikola Tesla and Tesla coils. Hutchison claims tojohn hutchison have discovered a number of weird things, such as the levitation of heavy objects and the fusion of metal and wood by forces heretofore undetected by normal scientists. Hutchison calls these weird things "the Hutchison effect." Some of the things he calls weird seem to be explainable in terms of electromagnetism and other known physical forces, but he has more mysterious explanations, such as zero point energy and electromagnetic fields that cancel out gravity. >>more

sample Mysteries and Science (for kids 9 and up)

homeopathysound icon

In a nutshell: Homeopathy is water medicine. The science shows that there's nothing in homeopathic medicines that could cure anything. Still, many people say they've been helped by homeopathic potions.

Homeopathy is medical treatment by water. For example, if you have a rash, a homeopathic medicine will usually be made by taking a small amount of a plant that causes a rash and mixing it with 100 times as much water. The mixture is shaken and then one part of the mixture is added to 100 parts water. There is then more mixing, shaking, and diluting. The mixing, shaking, and diluting goes on until only a few or no molecules of the original plant remain in the last batch. Any medicine taken from the last diluted batch will be nothing but water.>>more

a blast from the past

Energy Healing:

Looking in All the Wrong Places


Robert Todd Carroll

 (This article was written in response to "The energy to heal" by Jenny Hontz, Los Angeles Times, July 5, 2004.)

How is it possible to get relief from swelling, pain, nausea, headaches, anxiety, and an assortment of other ailments without the use of medicine or surgery? It happens all the time and has been going on for centuries. It’s called by many names but these days it’s mostly called “energy healing.” Whatever name it goes by, ultimately it amounts to faith healing. The amazing thing about it is that the healer need not even touch the patient. In fact, the healer need not even be in the presence of the patient. Powerful medicine, no? Yes, very powerful and not completely understood, though there are many theories being offered, the most common ones these days being couched in terms of chi or prana, meridians, auras, and chakras. Is there any evidence that there is a metaphysical life force (call it “energy” or “chi” or whatever you want) that determines health depending on whether it is blocked or flowing? If there is, I’d like to see evidence for it that's not just post hoc reasoning and begging the question.>>more



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