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The Resurrection

RicciThe Resurrection refers to the alleged coming back to life of Jesus of Nazareth (or was it Bethlehem?) after he had been executed by crucifixion about 2,000 years ago. It is the keystone of Christianity.

As a child, I was taught the story that an omnipotent, omniscient, all-good creator kindly sent his son, who was one with the creator and with the holy ghost, to redeem mankind for the original sin committed by Adam and Eve. This god/man was crucified by the Romans in order to save mankind from eternity without the creator. Three days after he was buried, the story goes, Jesus rose from the dead.

As a child, I believed this story and many others like it. All the adults I came in contact with seemed to think it was true and that believing it was essential to my salvation. I didn't really understand what "my salvation" was but even as a child I knew it was better than "the eternal torments of hellfire.">>more

sample Mysteries and Science (for kids 9 and up)


In a nutshell: Gods are beings with unnatural powers who never die. Some are believed to be the controllers or creators of various parts of nature. Many are thought to require worship and obedience from humans. These gods reward or punish us depending on whether we please them.

ThorGods are thought of as beings with mighty and unnatural powers. They are usually thought of as immortal (never dying), though many have been thought of as being born and having parents. There are gods in every culture that we know of, going back at least 10,000 years. Gods are thought to be the powers behind such things as the weather and are often blamed (or praised, depending on how you look at it) for such things as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and volcanic explosions. For the most part, these kinds of gods have been replaced with naturalistic explanations by scientists.>>more

a blast from the past

Doing a god's Work
(a day in the life of Abraham's god)

michaelangelo's ideaJune 6, 2009. I didn't really plan to write this piece. All I wanted to do was sit down in my favorite chair with my morning cup of coffee and read the newspaper (The Sacramento Bee). Listed among the top stories of the day was "teen infected with HIV by his own father's deliberate injection...." I didn't finish reading the teaser. What kind of person would inject his son with the AIDS virus? According to the article, a person who didn't want to pay child support injected his 11-month old son with tainted blood. The father is in prison for life and the son, now a young adult, says he's forgiven him because "God wants us to forgive people." I stopped reading the story with that line. Despite the noble sentiment expressed by the young man, who is graduating from high school despite his disease, I could not help but think of the implication of his belief. Did this god want his father to try to kill him so he could grow up and show forgiveness? Did this god use both of them for a "teaching moment"?>>more

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