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19 May 1998
My name is Pam, I was married to Rama, known to me as Fred or Freddy, as his father called him. He was just a guy in his 20's with long-term acne and braces when I met him. Making dulcimers and  coloured candles for head shops......but reflective and intense....strangely disconnected to anything happening on this plane. We wed, moved to Storrs, Connecticut where he was majoring in English, got divorced about two years later, the rest is history.  Believe it or not, he wanted to be celibate for purification purposes.  "Give me a break."   He stayed with Sri Chinmoy for enough time to see that that kind of a "gig" was very appealing.  E.g., develop a powerful mystique, get a good promotion agent and a theme, bingo, you're self-supported, wined, dined and sexually serviced.  But, still it was too bad he went the way he did.  I always felt he was just a lonely little boy, just like when he was growing up.  Neglected and misunderstood and crying out for attention.

He definitely was one of the stranger men in my life.
Pam Broiles

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