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reader comments: Ica stones

28 Dec 2010

I'm responding to your article about the Inca stones.

reply: I assume you mean Ica stones. Some readers may think it is unfair to note an error that could just be a typo. I think most readers will see, however, as your thoughts unfold, that this is probably not a typo but a sign of how carelessly you observe things.

Why not dinosaurs with humans? I can more easily accept that humans existed with dinosaurs, than believing we evolved from rocks, which is exactly what the "scientists" want us to believe. Sure, okay.

reply: Is that what your parents and teachers have taught you? If so, they should be charged with child abuse. Or did you discover that scientists say that humans evolved from rocks through your own research?

Real scientists don't care what you believe. They're not in the belief business. That's what religion wants you to think. Everything's just a belief. Better to trust god than some human when it comes to belief. Never mind that it was some human who passed on what you take to be god's word, so ultimately your belief is based on what some humans say. Not that it matters since, as I said, science isn't in the business of belief. Believe what you want about anything. No one here cares.

But get your facts right and in the future try to avoid making claims about things you obviously know nothing about. No scientist anywhere, except may some creation scientist telling lies about real scientists, ever said that any living creature evolved from a rock.

If I am told that I must pick one or the other--dinosaurs living with humans or humans evolving from rocks--I'll go with the dinosaurs. But only in a young Earth church or on some FOX network quiz show would you be likely to see such a false dichotomy posed.

Scientists should be embarrassed by the overwhelming lack of real scientific evidence claiming that dinosaurs went extinct million of years ago. They didn't. Most of them were killed in the flood (yes, Noah did build an ark). Did you know that there are almost 300 separate accounts of a worldwide flood recorded by hundreds of civilizations...all of which had nothing to do with the OT religion of the Hebrews. Even pagan cultures have record of a worldwide flood. What do the scientists have to say about that? They have only speculations, that's all. The ones that are really gullable [sic], are the ones that have believed these ridiculous claims!

Good luck,


reply: I think you're the one who needs the luck, Daniel. Natural selection will probably pick you off sooner rather than later, I'm afraid.

Let's start with the 300 accounts of a worldwide flood. I'll have to take this on faith, as I'm sure you do. I don't think there were even 300 languages 6,000 years ago. There sure weren't that many with writing and those with an oral history could crib from each other, as the Hebrews did from the Babylonians. More to the point, what do you think "world" meant to people living 6,000 years ago? They knew where they lived and knew about some of their neighbors, but their knowledge of geography didn't extend much beyond the next hill or valley.

I take it you think there were 299 non-Jewish accounts of a worldwide flood. How did they survive to tell the tale? Were these folks all told to build arks by their various gods?

As for all the dinosaurs drowning except Noah's pets....If you want to believe that little fantasy as perpetrated by the pseudo-scholars over at Answers in Genesis, be my guest. Real scientists know that the dinosaurs didn't all drown at the same time a few thousand years ago. I know you won't do any further reading on the subject, but others might. For them, I recommend:

  1. What killed the dinosaurs?
  2. The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs
  3. National Geographic Dinosaurs
  4. Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages
  5. Dinosaur Extinction Page

Odds are that Daniel prefers sages like David J. Stewart who argues that evolution is a hoax because there is no evidence of human history before 4000 BCE. Don't bother providing him with evidence of ancient communites like those in Australia from tens of thousands of years ago or from the cave paintings at Lascaux, which are much older than 6,000 years, because he won't accept it.


16 Dec 1999 
The subject of the authenticity of these artifacts and what they may represent has been a topic of debate at an online forum. There I have posted the following:

Reposting some very relevant info regarding these "Ica stones." Every time I see another photo of one, my eye catches design elements or direct copies of images published in African Designs from Traditional Sources by Geoffrey Williams (Dover Publications, 1971). Dover released many books of this type as source material for artists; they are copyright free. I see the same designs used many places - I have used them myself.

Helen earlier commented on the fact that the stone artists must have seen something to inspire them. They did - and the exact source has inspired many of us.

The people who recently carved these 'curios' for collector's market (good money in this) obviously liked the style of Senufo, Ivory Coast art. The fact that these stones also depict people with dinos tells me that they were commissioned to provide 'evidence' for someone with an agenda. They are fraudulent.

Feel free to check me on this... it is only $7.96 at a well known online bookstore.

reply: I did, and I couldn't find any design in the book that even vaguely resembled any of the pictures of the stones I've seen.

While I have offered this 'witness' to fundamentalist Christians (who feel, for some reason, that their arguments are bolstered with questionable evidence), I am completely ignored. So it goes. The image you have placed with your article on this subject is a very close copy of a Senufo fish design of Ivory Coast. It is this one which first caught my attention - then I identified many more as Senufo. They are all from widely available Dover books. I am glad to be able to share this with you... before I myself lose interest due to the evident disinterest of others.
Michael Emory

reply: This Senufo fish design isn't in the book you recommend.

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