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02 Nov 2005
I've astral projected by accident several times. It usually takes place when I fall asleep, I end up knowing my body is physically asleep, finding myself standing outside of it by accident, looking at my bedroom walls. During these random projections, my walls look melty and fluid. I look at my astral hand and watch it melt. I know I'm in another dimension. I can walk into my brothers' and parents' room during projection and see them standing up sleeping... their astral bodies standing up sleeping. In order to make sure I'm seeing right, I tell their astral bodies to "disappear!" and they don't. They stay there, standing up sleeping, and looking like they are vibrating like a sparkly star.

The astral planes runs parallel to the physical plane. We all have astral bodies. Psychics and mediums communicate with astral bodies, the latter is what John Edward and Sylvia Browne does. Our astral bodies fall and jerk into our physical bodies sometimes after we wake up in the morning. People also have out-of-body experiences via lucid dreaming. Lucid is another word for transparent. So when some people see astral bodies and spirits, they look transparent.

Our astral bodies are energy bodies... once in them, we can't die because energy can't be destroyed. You'll get lessons about not dying in your dreams and lucid dreams, in which you never get hurt by anything. Not all dreams take place away from the physical body, mostly just the lucid ones. The astral planes are all around us right now, but in dimensions and vibrations higher than the physical plane. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this letter I sent you. I enjoy reading your skeptic website and it's very interesting. I respect how you don't buy into anything you can't see or do - I'm the same way! Nice website.

Thank you for your time,

- Ryan

reply: Usually, Ryan, I have some thoughts on just about any issue people bring up, but I'm afraid your thoughts have left me speechless. I wish you well.

Ryan replies:

You can project too. In order to project, you must bring consciousness to a dream. In short, you must become lucid (like a spirit). As a dream plays like a movie projector in our face at night, our astral bodies are projecting consciously or unconsciously and 'seeing-through-our-eyelids' (you might've experienced this before), and hovers just above the physical body. At that point you're already in the astral body. The fall and jolt we sometimes experience is the astral body landing back to the physical body. It's also been said that a silver umbilical cord is connected to the astral body and physical body, allowing the pull-back of the astral body to take place and for us to never get lost while projected.

As odd as this will sound, Bob, I've seen some strange things while projected from the physical body. Once telling my dream to "go away!" while sleeping months ago on my couch, I found myself standing in a sparkly-starry plane (most would call this a higher astral plane), while other (this will sound weird, I know) beings were walking around the sparkly astral plane. I can't classify the beings as "people." They weren't physical beings. I know they were really there because they didn't disappear when I said for them too, so they weren't part of my mental make-up. The same with my parents' and brothers' astral bodies I see when projected by accident at night. My parents' and brothers' astral bodies stand there sleeping, sparkly-looking like a vibrator set on high or medium. Or they vibrate like helicopter blades spinning.

I hope that someday you try a projection, Bob. It's a fun experience to have, knowing that you're apart from the physical body. I hope someday everyone will know about projection and do it consciously on a daily basis. I encourage you to try it and find out for yourself.  

- Ryan

reply: Sounds something like lucid dreaming.


17 Jan 1997
I am impressed by the expanse of your work. For what it's worth, you've done a lot of work. May I make just a few notes? Astral projection is not constrained by time. It is quite possible, strictly speaking, for a projector to see land formations on, say, Mars, that do not appear today. The projector has merely gone behind--or ahead--of the present. Do your homework!

reply: Oh, my, I'm sorry. I really should do more study on this subject. Of course the projector may, strictly speaking, have gone forward or backward or even taken the sidereal entrance into unknown dimensions of time. Time is not only precious, but relative. A projector is never really late for work; they are just early for a job in the next lifetime.

AP is not like dreaming. Even with a veteran, it is likely to be a relatively brief experience. There are many factors that will pull the projector's consciousness back to his/her body. The oversoul (if you are willing to believe in such nonsense) might detect danger from a person in the physical or spiritual world. The projector might accidentally verbalize a thought. The act of AP can be very stressful and is not a natural environment for us mortals, so we can't remain but for a few minutes.

reply: But what's a few minutes to one who can go backwards or forwards in time? Nothing, since each direction cancels the other out.

The silver cord is not indefinitely extendable. It will be, however, if you are convinced as such. It all depends on your frame of mind and expectations.

reply: I had a hunch the length of the astral cord depended on the breadth of the imagination!

This same cord (again, bear with me) is that which pulls us back into our rightful bodies. And I doubt you'd want to enter into a body you wouldn't recognize.

reply: I don't know. There are a few bodies I wouldn't mind possessing, no pun intended. Anyway, you must admit that it is amazing that more cords don't tangled up. Most people can't even wind up the yard hose or an extension cord without getting it tangled. Imagine millions of these cords from many different time zones, past, present and future. I envision thousands of fly fishers all casting towards each other and the ensuing mess would make me want to cut the cord.

Lastly, unless your dead, you don't remain and get lost in the non-spatial world. Period. There are beings that will guide the lost soul back to its rightful location.

reply: These special beings must be friends of yours. If you ever return to this planet, maybe you could introduce us to them.

That said, feel free to think of all of these facts as conveniences to fill potholes in the AP theory, if you have not done so already. The truth is, Mr. Carroll, the higher dimension is far more complex than you or I could encompass.

reply: All I know about the higher dimension is that it is higher. I think somebody else may be high, too. For the time being I prefer to stay outside the compass of the high and mighty.

When your time comes to retire into that long sleep (and may it not come for a while) you will see for yourself, and all of my treatise will be irrelevant. But not inaccessible. You see, all objects in this world have a non-spatial counterpart. They become more solid to the projector's eyes the farther one goes back along the time line. For example, the Pyramids of Giza [sic] will be a lot easier for the projector to see than last week's issue of Time. But of course, you already knew that, having thoroughly explored the data available.

reply: Now that I have a guide for the perplexed, I feel I do know the higher truth. I'm beginning to see the eye of the pyramid. It's as clear as Newsweek, I mean Time. It's green. It's freemasonry embedded in the dollar bill! Free at last, thank Giza, free at last!

astral projection


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