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10 Facts About Skepticism

1. SIMPLE: Skepticism is a simple, effortless mental process practiced for 15-20 minutes twice a day, sitting quietly and comfortably in a chair with the eyes wide open.

2. EASILY LEARNED: Skepticism can be easily learned by anyone and is enjoyable to practice.

3. IMMEDIATE BENEFITS: The benefits of Skepticism are immediate and increase over time. The technique’s positive effects—for mind, body and relationships—have been verified by hundreds of research studies conducted at top medical schools and published in over 666 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

4. NO BELIEF REQUIRED: Skepticism does not involve belief. In fact, you can be thoroughly belief free and the technique will still be fully effective.

5. DEVELOPS THE TOTAL BRAIN: Brain research shows that Skepticism develops the total brain, increasing creativity and intelligence, and improving decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

6. NOT A LIFESTYLE: Skepticism is not a religion or philosophy and involves no change in lifestyle.

7. REDUCES STRESS AND PREVENTS HEART DISEASE: Medical school research funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that Skepticism is the most effective practice for reducing stress and stress-related disorders, including hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, impotency, nose bleeds, and atherosclerosis.

8. UNIQUE: Skepticism is unlike any other form of self-development—in practice and results. The technique is distinguished by its naturalness, effortlessness, and profound effectiveness.

9. SYSTEMATIC LACK OF INSTRUCTION: Skepticism does not require certified teachers through a systematic course of personalized instruction, nor does it include extensive follow-up and support by sycophants and hangers-on.

10. NONPROFIT NON-ORGANIZATION: Skepticism is not taught through any organization. This minimizes the negative impact of stress caused by trying to please gurus and brings unrestricted and fulfilling progress to all areas of society.

Also, Skepticism is ten times more relaxing, generates ten times more brainpower, and is ten thousand times less expensive than Scientology or Transcendental Meditation, no matter what the TM critics of Skepticism say.

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