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reader comments: Carey Reams

9 April 2015
I am unsure if Carey Reams had any qualifications as there doesn’t seem to be a full info on this site. I had heard the same stories about his connection and friendship with Einstein.

reply: Sorry about that. The best I could find was that he claimed to have six doctorates, including some sort of medical degree from someplace in England, but he claimed he was not a medical doctor.

There are things in the write up that are seen as nonsensical, but that’s because whoever wrote this write up on Carey Reams seemed to run away with his lack of credentials and not try to look into the facts that may be true.

reply: What facts might those be?

I am trying to find out more about this man and what he said and taught, as there seem to be people who think he talked a lot of sense. Certainly citing that lemons helped the body detoxification is true. They may be acidic in nature but by bio-chemic standards they make an alkaline ash in the body. Since what we eat is mostly acidic or becomes acidic through the process of eating and drinking, lemons and limes become alkaline to counteract this. Although they are a weak alkalising food.

reply: Nothing you say about lemons and limes detoxifying the body or making alkaline ash or eating mostly acidic food or food becoming acidic by eating it is true. The concept of 'weak alkalising food' is nonsensical. Let me try to explain how wrong you are.

1. You can't detox your body with fruits. The very idea is absurd. The only meaningful sense of 'detox the body' refers to removing toxic substances from the body of drug addicts or those suffering from heavy metal poisoning.

2. Lemons cannot do the same kind of work for the body that your kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs do, nor will lemons assist these purifying organs in doing their work.

3. No food, not even lemons, changes the acidity of anything in your body except your urine. Like all foods that go through your stomach, lemons will not affect the alkalinity of your blood one way or the other.

He also talked about the acidity of urine and that its perfect balance was 6.5 as this allowed for healthy detoxification through the urinary system. It seems quite logical that this is probably quite factual. Although when the human organism tissues become saturated with acids, which has accumulated from a poorly nutritional individual then the ratio needs to be increased to counteract this for the body to be able to buffer the acidity.

reply: Human tissues don't become saturated with acids that have accumulated from poor nutrition, but if they did a high urine pH would probably indicate a kidney problem or urinary tract infection, not poor nutrition that could be rectified by lemons or anything else.

This has been the response from several biochemists who are interested in health and healing.

reply: ???

Talking about the soil we grow in and diet I think Carey Reams had a point. He may have said way out crazy things but that’s no reason to throw the ‘baby out with the bathwater’ and throw all his insights and knowledge away.

What we eat does obviously have an effect on what type of cells we produce in our bodies. It seems obvious and quite sane to reason this. If we put in chips and fry ups then eventually this will have an effect on our body and cells in a negative way just as if we eat a balanced diet will enhance our wellbeing.

reply: True, but what does this have to do with lemons or lemon water being part of nutritious diet?

So I think it is cruel and harmful to denounce all that Carey Reams suggested just because some of his suggestions were off the wall. There is enough unpleasantness and sadness in the world and I sense we do not have to add to this. 

Take the best from someone and leave the rest behind rather than denouncing all of their words and deeds. Carey Reams had some sound ideas and I think we can take some of these and leave the rest behind. I don’t care if he was friends with Einstein or not – does it matter – no it doesn’t. I have used some of his knowledge and left the rest that didn’t seem to work for me. After all, as human beings we are always finding what was proved as positive scientific knowledge changes and is overtaken by new knowledge. Quantum physics keeps on knocking its own proven scientific discoveries on the head and they are replaced by new and more unbelievable ones, which is so exhilarating and exciting.

Things we never thought possible.

So I believe that Carey Reams did have helpful knowledge and from a health perspective some of his ideas and knowledge makes a lot more sense than all the drugs and pills produced by big pharma that seems to dominate us with new and ever toxic patented products to sell to a sick society. A society that would rather keep eating the fatty foods and high sugars rather than get a better and healthier soil for their cells to live in.

Best wishes


reply: Well, you have half of it right. A good diet is important to good health, but I don't think Carey Reams provides any good clues as to what constitutes a good diet. Reams believed that diet was the cause and cure of all illness. He was wrong; apparently he knew nothing of genetics, germs, or how environmental factors cause illnesses. Cancer, said Reams, is nothing more than dead cells that have stayed in the body too long, have lost their reserve energy, and have become disconnected from the nerve. He was wrong. He claimed, as does Joel Wallach, that all disease is caused by a lack of minerals. He was wrong about that, too. He also claimed that the human body can manufacture vitamin C. Wrong again. I'm sorry, but I can't find anything important that he was right about.

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