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reader comments: Abraham-Hicks

21 October 2010
Your article on Abraham Hicks is wonderful. I saw that you didn't include anything about their Amway past, which I'll admit was a little disappointing. If you left it off because you found it irrelevant or for some other reason, I understand, but I would like to state why I think it is so important.

reply: I know about Jerry's Amway past. I believe he made it to the Diamond level or some such thing. It is relevant, but a bit distracting. Their new scam is so far superior to the Amway gambit that I didn't want to distract from the beauty of claiming to have a committee of spirits providing you with optimistic one-liners to be fed to the fishes hungry for someone to tell them they deserve far better in this life than they've gotten so far.

Jerry was giving Think and Grow Rich seminars at Amway before their alleged Abraham experience. He and Esther even discuss this in their interview with The Independent.

Jerry and Esther readily discuss how he was giving these business presentations on Think and Grow Rich, which I'm sure you know is what they all [Amway distributors] do. They give these presentations and cash in on selling their motivational materials to their downline, while everyone else is out trying to sell soap. (I'm sure you already know this. I read your Amway article. I'm just trying to express it within the context of Jerry Hicks)

Then, this Abraham thing happens. Here's how they describe the transition on their site:

A Message from Jerry & Esther: Oct/Nov/Dec 1997: "And then Abraham appeared. And as Abraham began to respond so wisely and unconditionally lovingly to my questions, we wanted to immediately teach what we were now learning to our business associates...but questions soon began to flow from outside of that circle of our business partners...which then drew us outside of that relatively small arena to others who in turn told others who taught others who told others...to whoever told you about us."

They were working at Amway, already selling motivational materials to their down-line, and then Abraham magically appeared and they started selling those to their Amway "business associates."

I think this is important because their work feels very much like an Amway seminar because it is trying to get you to dream so big that you need something to help you achieve these unrealistic goals (i.e., their work). They also get you hooked on the recordings so that they become like brain snuff. People listen to them whenever they are feeling discouraged. They're hooked.

reply: You are certainly right in pointing out that the Hickses are using the Amway model of selling materials to their followers. The difference is that now they don't have to worry about any of their customers becoming competitors. They are recruiting people to recruit more people, but ultimately the Hickses alone benefit from the sale of their DVDs, books, etc.

I have more cited information on my blog at http://abrahamhicksfraud.blogspot.com/p/whats-so-bad-about-esther-and-jerrys.html about their Amway connection. I'm not trying to promote my blog. You don't have to use it as a source, because everything in it links to the original sources, or at least mentions where I got it. I just want as much info about the Hickses available as possible.

On that note, the article you have written is good and I'm just glad that it is available.

Thank you so much,


reply: Thank you for providing the additional material about the Hickses Amway connection. It is a little easier now to understand why they are always smiling.

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