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reader comments: electro-hypersensitivity

26 Mar 2015
Hi (whoever you are)

As a long-time severe electrosensitive your article angered me!

Do you think that intelligent people give up careers in IT and other intricate feilds because they don't want to earn a good salary anymore and they really want to lose their house, get divorced and gain the disrespect of the neighbours and the scorn of society??? No.. they do this because they are increasingly bombarded by/are sensitive to other peoples microwave radiation!

You seem to have managed to find only studies that support your preconcieved idea that people who complain of this affliction are somehow 'making it all up'. Believe me there are many (NON-INDUSTRY INSTIGATED) studies that prove the negative effects of cell phones on living cells (from mice to men). Also, please stop with the ionizing/non ionizing mindless cliches ...there are larger and more complex mechanisims that are affected...try your entire nerve system...or doesn't that have anything to do with electrical signals???

At least present facts rather than popular bias because you are, in my view, sponsoring a technology fad that could well maim man, animal and child well into the future...I might be more sensitive than most others but I can therefore warn you of the extreme dicomfort that awaits you when you get 'even better reception' and 'wider coverage' in near future.

Not just for the electrosensitives among us....

You may call me Dave by the way.

reply: Dave, I present the results of many studies, including some that support your position, and also list many organizations that support your viewpoint. I have tried to present facts rather than bias. I have drawn a conclusion that is quite reasonable given these facts and studies. That in no way demeans your suffering or supports your point that I have presented a preconceived idea that people are making it all up. Nowhere in my article do I say or imply that electrosensitives are making it all up.

That said, you could be right. Maybe we're all headed toward EMF Armageddon. Right now, however, the evidence isn't in your favor. In my opinion, you've probably misdiagnosed yourself.

2 Nov 2011
I am guessing that you have never experienced any of the sensations that people with EHS experience. As a very analytical person with an MBA myself, and a former employee of a worldwide recognized leader of cell phones, I appreciate and understand the value of sound data. However, being someone with this affliction, I can tell you that it is not fun. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make reasonable conclusions when one feels something negative in certain enviroments or in the presence of certain things in the environment. When you feel sick or hurt, you look for the reason. I spent a year trying to determine what could be causing my malaise and as part of that extensive and analytical primary market research, I noticed that a smart meter, a strong wireless router or multiple iPhones were present. The Smart meter - a strong cellular 24/7 transmitting device - was 3 feet from my kitchen table and 5 from my kitchen sink where I spent a great deal of time. I felt fine away and bad there. After ruling out multiple other potential causes and turning my life, that of my family and my house upside down, I determined this was it. And I experience it now everywhere under the same conditions....not rocket science.

The data from these studies can only be as reliable as the people who collect it and the methodology used. Many of the studies done to date on the connection between cell phone use and brain cancer, have not accounted for the increasing pervasiveness of mobile devices, corporate wireless antennae, personal wifi routers, much more powerful cell phones - now virtually hand held computers (smartphones), wireless tablets, etc. and the respective increase in their use across demagraphics. The use and strength of the personal devices as well as the increased density of wireless meters and cell transmitters (including more Femtocells...cell reception boosters) had gone up by orders of magnitude since the recent 2007 cell phone/cancer study. New cell towers go up at the rate of 3 - 5 per month in some towns and cities. (As evidenced using tools that show cell towers within 4 miles of given addresses - registrations). Perhaps the participants in the study you refer to were nervous or not enough time was allowed between tests of real and placebo. There can be many reasons why something like that could fail. Regardless, whether the scientific proof is there or not between EMF, RF and cancer, many people feel sick around too much radiation. It is sad that one who has never been affected by something as complex and life altering as this would judge and mock those who have.


reply: I don't mean to mock those who suffer from electro-hypersensitivy or anything else. Billions of us live in the same world you do, but are not suffering. You claim to know the cause of your suffering, but you could be wrong. Why should the rest of us believe that you have a special sensitivity to things that don't bother us? Should we accept it because you say it's so? I don't deny you suffer but I see no reason to think your intuition trumps the science. There could be many things that cause your suffering.



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