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star child

A star child is the offspring of a human and an alien.

See also alien abduction and Zecharia Sitchin.

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April 17, 1999. "Star child - A local freethinker believes he holds the skull of a young alien who was raised by an Earth mother," by Lynne Jensen in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. This article features alien abduction and Zecharia Sitchin devotee, Lloyd Pye, and a pair of skulls he is putting on display as those of an alien and its human mother's. The skulls were allegedly found near Chihuahua, Mexico, about 70 years ago. According to Pye, the alien "star child" was fathered by one of Sitchin's Annunaki, alien beings who used to propogate here until they had to go home for a nuclear war. According to Jensen, Pye was an Army intelligence specialist who has written a couple of futuristic novels and a book on human origins titled Everything You Know Is Wrong.

Near the end of the article, Jensen quotes Tulane University physical anthropologist John Verano as saying that the skull appears to be that of a child whose head was “cradle boarded.” Some Indian cultures artificially reshaped the heads of their children by strapping the head to a board.

For some reason, throughout the article, Jensen refers to Pye as a "freethinker." She even touts his WWW page where you can read all about his star child.

Pye died in December 2013.

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