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"Mabus" Arrested

18 August 2011. One of the nicer posts Dennis Markuze, aka David Mabus, made on the Skeptic's Dictionary Facebook page was "what happens when you LOSE Pascal's Wager, carroll..." Other posts were threatening or incoherent rants against atheists, capitalists, and those who dared deny that Nostradamus was a prophet.

I've been on his mailing list for years, receiving daily or weekly rants containing threats and accusations against myself, Randi, and others. There is no need to call in the mental health professionals to assess the situation. The man is sick by any definition of sick. Even so, being deranged doesn't give one the right to harass people from the comfort of your parent's home in St. Laurent, outside Montreal, Canada. After years of requests to the Montreal police to do something about Markuze were ignored, a movement to harass the Montreal police until they acted began a couple of weeks ago. Mabus was arrested yesterday.

One news story begins this way:

After receiving nearly 5,000 email complaints about the now infamous "Mabus" case, police have arrested a man accused of making death threats online.

The email complaints were spawned by William Vanderbeek, a San Francisco-based scientist, who started an online campaign that led to Montreal police being flooded with thousands of tweets and emails, demanding an investigation.

I just checked the SD Facebook account and found that I had banned Markuze 137 times. (Some of the names may not be from Markuze. There's no way to tell where they came from, but the messages left behind by these posters had his odor about them.) He may be mentally ill, but he is not stupid. He knows how to produce alias after alias to get onto servers and forums where he's been banned and banned and banned again. Below is the list of names he used to get into Facebook or to email me and others. Note that he used the same name, David Mabus, many times, and yet was able to rejoin and rejoin and rejoin. Why? I don't know. All I know is that about six months ago he quit bothering me on Facebook and his emails became less frequent. Others were not so lucky. Complaints of death threats from Markuze have become common. A favorite of all the names he came up with has to be Dennis Muykrazy. Or was that a name of a Mabus impersonator? We may never find out.

  1. Merlin Ambrosious
  2. Zeynep Sevda
  3. David Mabus
  4. David Mabus
  5. David Mabus
  6. David Mabus
  7. Wina Maulana
  8. David Mabus
  9. David Mabus
  10. David Mabus
  11. Jimmy Bee
  12. David Mabus
  13. David Mabus
  14. David Mabus
  15. David Mabus
  16. David Mabus
  17. David Mabus
  18. David Mabus
  19. David Mabus
  20. David Mabus
  21. Juan Roig
  22. David Mabus
  23. David Mabus
  24. David Mabus
  25. David Mabus
  26. David Mabus
  27. David Mabus
  28. TheAtheist Wars
  29. Atheists Wars
  30. Thewar Ofatheism
  31. David Mabus
  32. Theatheism Wars
  33. Atheists Wars
  34. Meltem Kahraman
  35. David Mabus
  36. David Mabus
  37. David Mabus
  38. David Mabus
  39. David Mabus
  40. David Mabus
  41. Ben Crudford
  42. James Lambii
  43. Richard Charleston
  44. Michels Duforts
  45. Michals Shertimer
  46. Mazimmo Piguletucci
  47. James Baambi
  48. Mucals Shairtmers
  49. Halbert Mazabuza
  50. Hebelt Loutrimiolle
  51. Halbert Marrabusa
  52. Halpert Mazabuca
  53. Zalberry Sarabusa
  54. Halperne Marabuze
  55. Dennis Muykrazy
  56. Dave Mabus
  57. Halpern Macabusa
  58. Halpert Mazabuka
  59. Halbern Mazabula
  60. Damlert Macabusa
  61. Hambert Marzuba
  62. Halbert Loumissio
  63. Helbert Mazuca
  64. Halpert Mazabuza
  65. Halper Maracuze
  66. Hallburt Marabusa
  67. Helabert Massumus
  68. Halpers Mazuba
  69. Halbern Pedroski
  70. Hazbert Mapabusa
  71. Halbern Marzabua
  72. Halberte Mazaruba
  73. Helbert Loumitrelle
  74. Halppert Mazabusa
  75. Halbert Macbusa
  76. Halpbert Makazuba
  77. Helber Liberatus
  78. Halpert Musuomos
  79. Halpern Mombussu
  80. Herbie Mabzua
  81. Halbers Mabacusa
  82. Halpert Marzabu
  83. Hadzbert Kalabusa
  84. Hetzer Relabusa
  85. Halzbern Sarabuza
  86. Halpzert Talbusa
  87. Hebzert Karabusa
  88. Hebezert Kokopuza
  89. Halzern Porabusa
  90. Hetzberg Plabusa
  91. Hezberts Ramabusa
  92. Harbert Parabusa
  93. Hepert Reabuza
  94. Ralbert Karbusa
  95. Dalbert Jolapousa
  96. Helpert Lorabusa
  97. Hellbert Erabusa
  98. Rezbert Sarabuza
  99. Hearzbert Lanabusa
  100. Jazbert Ralabusa
  101. Halzbera Malapuza
  102. Heberzert Palopusa
  103. Harabaz Lopauzi
  104. Hallbern Polabusa
  105. Helzbert Tarazbusa
  106. Halberx Larabusa
  107. Hibert Mazuraba
  108. Hezbert Ralabuza
  109. Habzert Erabusa
  110. Herzberl Parazuba
  111. Hesbert Lorabusa
  112. Helzbert Tazabura
  113. Heloberz Relosbusa
  114. Herlpert Merabusa
  115. Halnbert Paralbusa
  116. Hebert Tarabuza
  117. Hetzbert Reloubusa
  118. Hilbert Sardabus
  119. Helazebert Marrxuxe
  120. Hezberts Relobusa
  121. Kazbert Harabusa
  122. Herzber Larmarabusa
  123. Halpzert Rafalbusa
  124. markuze72@gmail.com
  125. toot@madhuri.com
  126. herberthippotamus5@saintly.com
  127. theatheistxwars@lavabit.com
  128. davidmabus66@gmail.com
  129. dionysusmarkuze@gmail.com
  130. davmab2001@gmx.com
  131. davidmabus7@revolutionist.com
  132. waratheisms2@lavabit.com
  133. waratheist@lavabit.com
  134. theboobquakes@lavabit.com
  135. atheistwar3@lavabit.com
  136. davidmabus2000@gmail.com
  137. markuze@usedcomputershop.com

I wish there was a way to bring peace to this poor man's brain, but I fear it is hopeless. Whether this arrest is a good thing or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Below are three snapshots I took of Markuze's comments on the SD Facebook page. For months he was posting two or three of these foul rants a day on the Facebook page until one day he just stopped.

snapshot of Mabus rant







snapshot of Mabus rant










snapshot of Mabus rant












For more on this fellow, click here and here.

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