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Skeptimedia is a commentary on mass media treatment of issues concerning science, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

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Skeptimedia replaces  Mass Media Funk and Mass Media Bunk. Those blogs are now archived.

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Woo Even Oprah Couldn't Sell (P)(JS)

Hope is all you need - just ask Jenny McCarthy (JS)

Stupid politicians and cops (JS)(CT)

Warning: Your Magazine may Be Hazardous to Your Health (JS)

Cell phones, brain cancer, and other cheery thoughts (CT)(JS)


Honesty, the law, and the free market (JS)

Antivaxxer Plague (JS)

The World According to Oprah (JS) (CAM)

The Liars at "60 Minutes" (JS)

Fraud and Bias in Medical Research (JS)

Belief Armor (CT) (JS) (P)

PBS Infomercial for Daniel Amen's Clinics (JS)


Framing the Medicine Wars (JS) (CAM)

The FBI on Trial (JS)

The Paralyzing Precautionary Principle (JS)

The Superiority of Organic Fog (JS)

Crazy Therapies & Psychic Kids (JS)(P)

Disasters (JS)

The Ben Stein Conspiracy: Who is this idiot anyway? (SU) (JS)

Why isn't this child abuse? Creationists lie to children while touring a science museum (SU) (JS)

CNN.com posts racist column by Linda Saether (JS)

Government rules in favor of child whose parents claim vaccines caused her autism (JS)

Using ghost stories to teach critical thinking (CT) (JS)

Oprah and Oz spreading superstition at the speed of night (JS) (CAM)

Why woo-woo wins (FH) (JS) (CT) (CAM)

Food allergy fanatic (JS)

Top ten false health scares of 2007 (JS)

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