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Mysteries and Science

a book for kids 9 and up

"If we want kids to grow into intelligent, critically thinking adults, we need to show them how to think. And now Bob Carroll, author of the fabulous Skeptic’s Dictionary, has written just the thing....I see this becoming an indispensable resource for parents!...The "definition of scientific skepticism ... should be required reading for every single human being on this planet." --Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer

Note: the former title of this book was A Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids.

cover Mysteries and Science

Mysteries and Science is for kids 9 and up. It takes a look at weird things from abracadabra to zombies. What does science have to say about things like astrology, Bigfoot, dowsing, ESP, ghosts, and monsters? These and other similar topics are covered here, including predictions of the end of the world, palm reading, and vampires. In all, Science and Mysteries takes you on a journey through fifty chapters. Some chapters deal with weird things, some deal with how scientists think and what kinds of tools they use to investigate things. We may not always agree with scientists, but they make us think. And thinking is always a good thing.

Print version: 110 pages, available from Lulu.com for $9.75. (Go there for a preview and a look at the table of contents.)

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