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Maybe you are a snow pea dreaming you are a cherry blossom emerging from a butterfly's tear.

Sanpaku is a Japanese term that literally means “three whites.” Some people believe that it is a sign of physical and spiritual imbalance if the white of the eye can be seen between the pupil and the lower lid as the subject looks forward. Such a condition is called sanpaku and those afflicted with it are said to be recognizable by their "chronic fatigue, low sexual vitality, poor instinctive reactions, bad humor, inability to sleep soundly and lack of precision in thought and action."* The cure is a macrobiotic diet.

John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe were sanpaku, according to an expert in the field, Fred Pulver, who is also an expert in takionic energy.

Sanpaku is a condition that also occurs in cats who have gone off their macrobiotic diets.

A search for sanpaku in ProQuest Health and Medical database, which covers more than 380 leading health journals, returned zero results. To the discerning eye, I suppose this proves just how far behind Western medicine has fallen to the wisdom of the ages.

further reading

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