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Pyramidiocy is characterized by having an outlandish, farfetched theory about the origin, nature, or purpose of the Egyptian pyramids. The theories of pyramidiots are barely supported by slender threads of evidence. They serve little purpose except to stand as bad examples of speculative thought and fanciful imagination.

Some pyramidiots, such as Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin, claim that the ancient Egyptians were too backward to have constructed the pyramids without the help of extraterrestrials. Edgar Cayce claimed that beings from Atlantis helped the Egyptians build the pyramids by showing them how to levitate stones. Charles Berlitz claimed that Atlantis lay beneath the Bermuda Triangle and had a pyramid the same size as the Great Pyramid at Giza.* Pyramidiots think Atlantis is the link between the pyramids of Egypt and the pyramids of Mexico. They are not dissuaded by the fact that the one was primarily funerary while the other was primarily used for ceremonies, including some which involved human sacrifice. Arguments demonstrating that the ancient Egyptians or Mexicans were intelligent and resourceful enough to build pyramids are to no avail.

Other pyramidiots ascribe super technological or paranormal powers to the ancient Egyptians. Traditional explanations in terms of religion, tombs for pharaohs and their families, belief in immortality, slave labor or paid workers, slipways, canals, etc. are rejected by pyramidiots in favor of theories claiming that the pyramids were power stations or water pumps or grain storage units.

Some pyramidiots claim that the pyramids were built according to some sort of mystical numerology to contain coded messages. Some believe that the Great Pyramid at Giza is at the center of the world. Some think the pyramids are a map of the heavens. Mystical mathematical notions about the pyramids abound. Some believe only a god could have designed such a numerical mystery. Still others have believed that razor blades could be kept perpetually sharp by being placed under a pyramid of the same proportions as the Great Pyramid at Giza (by focusing cosmic energy and realigning crystals in steel!). That almost anything in the universe can be found to have interesting mathematical proportions or be related to several interesting mathematical formulae is of little interest to pyramidiots.

Some pyramidiots think pyramids have healing power and are foci of spiritual energy. That there is no evidence for such beliefs seems to cheer rather than dishearten pyramidiots.

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