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Ze'ev Kolman

Ze'ev says that we were all born with a blue aura and that over time, through our life actions, mental activities and emotions, the aura gets abused by different kinds of negative and heavy energies, including the one that in Mediterranean countries is called the evil eye. --an admirer

zeev kolman

Ze'ev Kolman claims to be a bio-energetic healer. No he doesn't transform the chemical energy stored in biological entities into another form of energy. He claims he harnesses the "energy from the universe" and transmits this energy into the body of a client via the "energy aura,"* which he says he can detect and evaluate if you send him a photo of yourself against a white background.* (Be sure the photo is digital and in jpeg format. Include your date of birth, full name as it appears on your birth certificate, and three questions. His website says that if you do that he'll send you a "complete aura reading about your personality, health, career, love, relationships, reincarnation and much more.")

You don't need to go to New York to see Ze'ev for a healing. He says he's mastered distance healing. He calls it "absentee healing."

This process is when Ze'ev sends energy from wherever he is in the world to a person that requests it at a specific time. The planet is composed of electromagnetic energy that runs in channels all throughout our planet; distance is irrelevant when dealing with the energy that Ze'ev uses.*

I'm sure that what he says is true: distance is irrelevant when dealing with healing energy. On the other hand, I'm not so sure about the channels that electromagnetic energy supposedly runs in. I couldn't find a reference to a source for that claim on his website. Maybe this is the kind of thing energy healers and their clients intuitively know is true. Or maybe you have to have faith in such claims for bioenergetics to work on you.

What kinds of ailments does Ze'ev heal, you might be wondering:

Healing sessions by-phone are available for: chronic illnesses, immune system disorders, migraine headaches, allergies, physical stress, psychological trauma, chronic pain and treatments for smoking and over-eating.*

Is that all? His clients seem to think he can do much more than measly old immune system disorders:

People come to Ze'ev with diverse disorders, both acute and chronic, including heart conditions, cancer, arthritis, traumatic injuries, and pain. Ze'ev cannot heal everyone. People are helped to different degrees, depending on their ability to absorb and assimilate the energy he transmits through the aura. But many of his clients are dramatically improved. This has been attested to by numerous persons though the years and has been medically documented many times.* (emphasis added)

So, if you're not healed by Ze'ev it is because of your inability to "absorb and assimilate the energy he transmits through the aura." In other words, if the treatment fails, it's the client's fault. This is faith healing at its most base level. The evidence for the many claims of successful healing consists of nothing but testimonials and a few cases "documented" by a gullible writer named Hans Holzer. (For more on Holzer, see the Wikipedia article on him.) There is no evidence on Ze'ev's website that he has ever been tested under conditions that might satisfy even a mediocre scientist. Carly Simon, the singer and songwriter, calls him "An exceptionally gifted and loving person devoted to healing the body, mind, and soul."* I have no doubt that he's a fine human being. What I wanted to find was some evidence beyond his own crowing and testimonials from satisfied customers or friends.

According to one admirer:

Kolman heals people from cancer, strokes, women's fertility and reproductive issues, immune system disorders, allergies, physical stress, psychological traumas and mental illness, eye, ear, breathing issues, back pains, lungs, problems with no psychological reasons, and many other serious illnesses projecting his bioenergetic electromagnetic force, or life force, from his hands into the patient's energy field, in order to correct the imbalance causing the disease, he often works with physicians where conventional medicine (directed to heal only the body) has failed. He currently holds several workshops every other month about self-healing and protection against psychic attacks and disease prevention, by teaching how to restore the aural energetic field to its original blue and healthy state.

Right. The admirer became a true believer after trying to rid himself or herself of a cough from pneumonia for a month without success. The admirer had tried many different remedies over that month. At the advice of the admirer's astrologer, Ke'ev's services were sought and the cough went away. Personally, I'd like to see a controlled test of Ke'ev's powers to cure coughs or anything else, for that matter.

It shouldn't be that hard to test these folks claiming to be energy healers. Forget the problem of proving the reality of auras, subtle bodies, and magical energy that heals. Just prove you can heal anybody of anything by waving your hands around or talking on the telephone. By prove I mean show us with a randomized double-blind controlled test that you can heal people of just one thing, say, allergies or migraines. We won't ask you to prove you can cure cancer or heart disease. Begin with something simple. Oh, wait. We can't do that, can we? Anyone not healed isn't a failure of the healer. So, if Ze'ev doesn't heal anyone under rigorously controlled conditions, that would not prove that Ze'ev's energy healing claims are false. Plus, he admits he can't heal everyone. Wow! These energy healers remind me of the so-called psychic mediums who claim to get clipped messages from the dead. Don't blame them if the messages aren't true. They never claimed to be perfect or to know exactly who the messages were coming from. But I digress.

I'll conclude with a quote on how bioenergetics works and a brief comment.

Zeev looks closely at the client's aura seeking any absence or weakness in the energy field. He rarely touches the patient but rather projects bioenergy from about two feet away while remaining in a semi-trance state. Energy is emitted from his open palms in broad movements over the body. Fresh energy is poured into the areas of the aura that need it to restore the field to a strong equalized state. The physical body absorbs the energy and, as a consequence, is healed.

There is no evidence this so-called subtle energy exists or that auras exist that indicate the condition of one's health. Thus, there's no evidence that auras have fields that can be restored or that having your aura in an "equalized state" has any meaning. Finally, there's no evidence that anyone excretes energy from their palms or that anybody's physical body absorbs this non-existent energy and as a consequence is healed of anything. Energy healing is all make-believe. It's already been explained why it is so popular by me and others. I see no need to repeat the explanation here.

I was unable to find much biographical information about Mr. Kolman. His website says that he planned to be an interior decorator and was in the  Israeli army when he "had an experience on a mountain top in the desert that changed the course and purpose of his life. Gradually, the simple businessman realized he had acquired healing powers as a result of that experience." He makes a few claims about his amazing powers of healing and claims that "researchers" come from near and far to study him, but he doesn't name any of these researchers nor does he cite any scientific studies that might lend credence to his and his friends' many claims about his healing prowess. He claims that he's had many important people as clients: world leaders, politicians, royalty, and celebrities. To which those of us interested in proof say: so what?

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