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Kabalarian philosophy

The Kabalarian philosophy (KP) was the brainstorm of Mr. Alfred J. Parker. Since the death of Mr. Parker in 1964, the Kabalarians, headquartered in Vancouver, B.C., have been led by Ivon Shearing who was sentenced to five years in prison in 1997 for sexually abusing several teenage girls over a twenty-five year period. He was convicted of two counts of rape, three of sexual assault, four of indecent assault, and three of gross indecency. Two of the indecent assault convictions were overturned by an appeal court in 2000, and a retrial ordered.* In 2002, after serving only 16 months of his five-year sentence, Shearing was granted a retrial on his rape and sexual assault conviction of a fifteen-year old girl.*

KP "teaches a concept of constructive living which provides the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success that everyone seeks." The Kabalarians have a website where they offer for sale many of Mr. Parker's books. 

Why KP rather than any of the other million and one solutions to the riddle of existence? Because the others lack "tangible reality." One tangible reality which KP has is "Name Analysis." According the KP,

Every alphabet has a consistent mathematical order, which allows it to be measured. An analysis of the letters in your name will determine the qualities of your personality.

Your name determines your every experience. It defines your personal stengths [sic] and weaknesses both mentally and physically. It interprets your whole nature. It shows your position in life and your measure of success or failure. When you are named your destiny is created.

This sounds similar to another tangible reality known as numerology. According to KP my destinies are:

The name of Bob gives you the desire to be original and independent, and to utilize your abilities in leadership. You are inclined to be candid in your expression, saying things straight-to-the-point but without intending offence [sic]. If this name is used a great deal, you would be practical, skeptical, and very individual in your approach to life. With a desire to assume responsibility early in life. The weaknesses would show through head tension causing sinus trouble, headaches or headcolds.

Your name of Robert creates a refined, diplomatic nature that elicits the co-operation and respect of others. You appreciate a high standard of living and the attendant luxuries and comforts; however, the name does spoil ambition and confidence, and creates a self-depreciating quality that is a deterrent when you must force an issue or even carry out an important decision.

For some reason, middle or last names are not important, but I couldn't resist looking mine up anyway.

The name of Todd has some very fine characteristics but it does not give you verbal expression. You have profound thoughts on life but do not always express them for fear of being misunderstood. This name makes you fond of nature and you appreciate being by yourself where you can relax and ponder over life's mysteries. As you desire peace and harmony, you avoid people when there is anything you find unpleasant. Thus you appear somewhat unsociable and aloof. You have to guard against a jealous nature which causes misunderstanding and wrong feelings in close association. You also tend to take a know-it-all attitude and to be domineering, which others feel and resent. Reading, writing, and art are forms of expression that you most appreciate. Worry and responsibility are causes of frustration. The greatest lack in this name is in verbal expression, which is so necessary for success. Physically, you could be affected in the respiratory system, lungs and heart, etc.

Your name of Carroll creates extreme sensitivity to the thoughts of others and a total lack of expression of your own thoughts and feelings, except through the medium of writing. Under this name you seldom find anyone who, you feel, understands you. You are easily embarrassed and then you become quiet and secretive in order to avoid being laughed at or misunderstood. You keep your thoughts and feelings inside and only feel really relaxed and at peace at such times when out in nature or listening, alone, to beautiful music. This name also gives you a weakness in your chest which could lead to pleurisy or heart murmurs, or any trouble affecting the bronchial organs.

Of course, some of these descriptions are correct. They would be true of almost anybody. Some of the more specific claims are correct, but most are not. An analysis of this sort of personality profiling is taken up in the entry on the Forer effect.

What is unique about KP is its advocates believe that you can change your destiny by changing your name. You can call them and they will help you do this, should you find another name with a better destiny than the one your ignorant parents unwittingly strapped on you at birth. For example, maybe the following describes a destiny you would not like to have:

The name of ------ gives you sensitivity and refinement, an appreciation of nature, and cultural interests. You are able to express yourself through writing, more so than verbally. You abhor vulgarity, and any signs of friction or violence disturb you. You want to work in a position with a refined atmosphere, rather than one of noise and confusion. You can be affected by the thoughts of others. Uncontrolled feelings and moods of depression are the result. This name does not give you the strength of mind and body to carry out your plans. In fact, the high-strung nature resulting from use of this name has a physically weakening influence, robbing you of vitality and limiting your endurance for hard work. Your health could be adversely affected by this name, giving rise to weaknesses in the respiratory organs, kidneys, and bladder.

If the fate of this name is not to your liking, change your name from Adolph to Adolf. It will make a world of difference and will be good for your bladder. Then again, maybe not. Robert Lane named his sons Winner and Loser. Winner went on to a life of crime. Loser became a police detective.*

See also cold reading, Forer effect, selective thinking, self-deception, subjective validation, and wishful thinking.

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