A Collection of Strange Beliefs, Amusing Deceptions, and Dangerous Delusions

From Abracadabra to Zombies

Skeptical Essays, Articles, and Lectures

by Robert Todd Carroll

Top Ten Most Harmful Beliefs - 2015

Fake Healing

Prior Plausibility

Pearl Curran and the Fantasy-Prone Personality Label

Clever Irrationality

Can Science Decide the God Question?

2010: A Time for Reflection

Defending Falsehoods

Why I am not a real (true) skeptic

Why I am not an atheist

Acupuncture & CAM (Mistakes Were Made and I Made Them)

The Wisdom of Not Thinking Too Much

My Opinion on Opinions

Exorcism on Lake Como

The Templeton Fundies

Healing Prayer and Distant Healing

Superstition and Fun in Mexico

A Novel Way to Make an Ass of Yourself - Gary Schwartz Rides Again

Evaluating Personal Experience

Wi-Fi and Autism?

Not Dying to Get to Heaven: Guns in Churches

Pope Benedict Wants to Save My Soul

My Last Lecture - Why do People Believe in the Palpably Untrue?

Teaching Critical Thinking

A Short History of Psi Research

What Darwin Means to Me

Rumpology for Dummies

9/11 Conspiracies: the War on Critical Thinking

Natural Morality

Amazing Grace: we need a clean language act

The War on Science

Free Speech, Absolutely

The Bizarre Case of Richard and Susan Hamlin

Critical Thinking and Control Groups

What if Dean Radin is Right?

Gary Schwartz's Subjective Validation of Mediums

What if Gary Schwartz is Right?

Pranks, Frauds, and Hoaxes from Around the World

Energy Healing: Looking in All the Wrong Places

Dowsing for Dollars: Fighting High-Tech Promises with Low-Tech Critical Thinking Skills

The Super Bowl and Violence Against Women

Onward Christian Soldiers: The Holy War on Science 

Golf and the Enneagram


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