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Empower Disc

You do not have to believe in the Em-Power Disc for it to work for you! It operates outside any belief system, beyond our concepts and even our imagination.*

empower discThe Empower Disc is an aluminum disc suitable for wearing around the neck that can "help" with any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem, according to its maker, Coby Zvikler. All you have to do is utter a few words when you wear the disc and "your body will respond and correct itself....as energy blockages are released." It is said to be "the only mechanism in existence that can allow you to communicate and interact with your body, mind and spirit." Zvikler calls his little disc "software for you body, mind, and spirit." How cool is that?

Zvikler's website says:

Since 1989 I have been developing a device called the Empower Disc which stores and transmits the biological equivalent of human software. The Empower Disc is made from aluminium and transmits its programming through the body’s energy field, which also powers the entire process. The software that the Empower Disc transmits is designed to enhance and speed up positive communication within the body and mind. Unlike computer software, this programming is not permanently installed within the body; rather it works in conjunction with a person’s Higher Intelligence (Higher Self) as a kind of Self-Enhancement Program.

The Empower Disc has nothing to do with: Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Positive Thinking, Hypnosis, placebo, or any other kind of mind-based therapy....

You simply hold the Empower Disc in front of you with the thumb and first finger of both hands and your body will rock or move – usually in less than 60 seconds. This movement means you are ready to go! Once you feel your body rock or move, you put the Empower Disc in palm of your right hand. You then have a choice to either resolve a specific issue that you know about using the Quick Start System, OR to activate the amazing Personal Transformation System which is an optimum performance and daily maintenance program that takes less than 4 minutes to activate, twice a day, morning and night.

Once activated, the Personal Transformation System runs automatically in the background of your daily life, making positive changes as and when it is appropriate. As well as reacting in a more positive and productive way, this amazing program helps to positively enhance your sleep patterns, giving users a better night’s sleep!

...The Empower Disc is like having a therapist in your pocket! This amazing technology has been tested by thousands of people and has taken over 25 years of extensive research to develop.

Unfortunately, if these tests have been made public, there is no mention of that on Zvikler's website. Zvikler describes his research on his website:

Due to subjective nature of self-healing and in order to establish the validity of Empower Products as well as the potential benefits of Self/Higher Self Communication on a long term basis, in 1994 we set up the Empower Research Project! Everyone who purchases one of our products automatically becomes a member of the Empower Research Project and is bound by are [sic] terms and conditions of use/membership. After a 28 day period we ask users to complete one of our online health questionnaire [sic] on a voluntary basis. All information is kept confidential unless otherwise indicated by the participant.

The terms and conditions of use are quite extensive and should be read before purchasing this little disc and experiencing its magical powers.

The research may not have been made public, but there are many testimonials posted by Zvikler. There is a caveat posted on the testimonial page as well: "Please note that as with all the testimonials on our web site we make absolutely no claims of a cure, please see our terms & conditions."

Zvikler claims:

I was born on a Kibbutz in Israel in 1961 and as a small child I had unusual abilities, starting my healing career at the tender age of 3, when I rescued a dying chick from the hatchery. Depending on who I sat next to at school, my handwriting would change and my school books looked as if 50 or more people had written in them.

How special is that? He rescued a dying chick and he had chameleonic handwriting! The reader must decide for herself how unusual these abilities are. If you are still reading this, you might be interested in knowing that you or anyone else on planet Earth can purchase am Empower Disc kit for £175 (about $300 as of June 28, 2014), plus shipping.

You can also purchase a disc for your pet. Zvikler says:

We do not test our technology on animals but naturally over the years people have tried to help sick pets with their Empower Disc and have reported amazing results! Back in 1998 I started to develop an Empower Device exclusively for animals which has been successfully used on Horses, Dogs, Cats and even Birds. Robert Ongley, an Empower Practitioner based in Auckland New Zealand sent me an email regarding a Dog who he believed was cured of Leukaemia using the Empower Pet Disc. I don’t know if this dog was as naturally sceptical as his human counterparts but it seems that healing works just as well on animals as it does on humans!

Zvikler also has an Empower chip for your mobile phone:

The Empower Phone Chip is simple to uses [sic] holographic chip that slots neatly on top of your mobile phone battery, converting your mobile into a Pain and Stress relieving device. This technology that was first developed in 2003 and was originally designed to simply help reduce the negative symptoms associated with prolonged mobile phone use: hot ears, headaches, stress etc. During the research and testing phase of its development users of the chips also reported a reduction in their physical symptoms of pain when placing their mobile on the effected [sic] area.

You don't need to hurry, since it is unlikely supplies are limited.

Unfortunately, I was unable to determine from Zvikler's website whether he considers the Empower Disc to be integrative medicine or whether he considers his little disc to be a stand-alone modality for curing what ails you.

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