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Below is a copy of Radovan Karadžić's business card as D. D. David (translation below provided by Voja Antonic):







Human Quantum Energy
Quantum | Spiritual | Energetic medicine | Reiki
Support in health and in illness - up to the full health and healing
Medicus Curat - Natura Sanat...


Psycho and quantum-energetic support in health and in illness
Manifold increasing of effects of all other treatments
Energetic support to health and sick organs and tissues
Sexual disorders, fertility disorders, renewal of vitality
Spiritual energetic healing of psychological and somatic disorders
Depression, fears, tension, neurosis, psychosis, autism, epilepsy
Asthma, Diabetes, psychosomatic illnesses, anti-stress program
Disorders in children development, individual and group family treatment
Reprogramming of long-term life problems
Detecting and removing of harmful radiation
People's vital energy harmonization, energetic harmonization of the aura
Development of bioenergetic and radiestezic abilities, education and tools
Velbing - jewelry and articles for vital energy harmonizing
Rejuvenating, beauty gaining, quantum-energetic cosmetics

Complementary to all other treatments - waking up and increasing of natural body power, necessary for healing. Everybody can be enabled!

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