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12 Dec 1998

These stones were found in Peru after a river had changed course...I believe the name is Ica or Ika but anyway, these stones have detailed depiction's of dinosaurs, heart operations, a man watching the heavens with a telescope...literally thousands of these stones that I believe to be the depiction's of life in an advanced society that's now lost to history... so I believe Erich von Daniken was not taken to any cleaners...these stones exist.

reply: See the new entry on the Ica stones.

Mark's reply:

..Oh please, this stuff again?

The existence of a superior technology existed thousands of years ago and the physical evidence supports that....whether Von Daniken is in the picture or not...you can be skeptical till the sun turns to dust and Earth freezes into oblivion...it's amazing how skeptics have it all figured out, but no evidence to support it....end of story.

reply: It's nice to see that Mark has thought this through to the end.

6 Nov 1998
Robert, I just read your entry regarding Erich Von Daniken. Regarding the pottery that he claimed was ancient, you wrote, "His reply was that his deception was justified because some people would only believe if they saw proof!"

I remember this episode of Nova vividly and while Von Daniken is a total fraud and liar, this was not what happened. I believe you were confusing his response with his response when confronted by the fact he never ventured into the cave he described in "Gold of the Gods."

What really happened is that the local carver, Bacilio, carved the rocks with heart transplants and the like for the local Mexican museum. Von Daniken claimed he found the rocks in the museum and asked the curator if they were for real. Von Daniken claims the curator answered, "Yes. Absolutely." By the time Nova caught up with the museum, the curator had died. But in fact, the rocks were donated by Bacilio. Bacilio even showed Nova the handwritten letter he received from the curator and it was written up in the local newspaper. So either Von Daniken was taken to the cleaners by the local curator or Von Daniken was lying again. I suspect the latter.
Pierre Stromberg
Pacific Northwest Skeptics

reply: I don't trust my memory and have no copy of the show to check. I will try to find a copy, however. In the meantime, continue distrusting von Däniken.

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