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reader comments: Kevin Trudeau

3 Oct 2007
Just an update on Kevin Trudeau. I recently purchased his books. Then I received a letter in the mail from a "secret society" claiming free admittance to their private club. After some research, I found the "Nouveau Tech" Society scam letter, and the rip-off associated. I was getting ready to throw out the letter and guess what I found in the bottom of the envelope? A separate letter from Mr. Kevin Trudeau supporting the "secret society". I guess the scammers run in small circles!

4 Sept 2005
As you go through your analysis of material you deem false, is it possible for you to say anything relating to what the successful alternatives are? Thanks for pointing out every possible negative thing you can get your hands on but what the hell good is it if there is no alternative to the stuff you're debunking?

reply: It's possible, but as I state in the Introduction: The Skeptic's Dictionary is intentionally one-sided. It is a counterweight to all the nonsense published on "the other side." If you want support for alternative thinking, go to your local bookstore or Google "natural cures." I did and in .52 seconds I got 45,000 hits. How many do you think are of a skeptical nature?

How are you so certain that everything that Kevin Trudeau, for example, has said about the organizations is false except from your own biased opinion, combined with you quoting the very organizations he has said are corrupt? If they were indeed corrupt then quoting them to disprove they are corrupt is stupidity at the highest level. How is that considered objective?

reply: I don't claim to be certain that everything Trudeau says is false. I don't claim that everything he says is false. If I were quoting organizations Trudeau deems corrupt, I'd be giving the other side's position, which is what I thought you were claiming I should be doing. Maybe what you're really upset about has nothing to do with "objectivity." Maybe you're upset because I'm not advocating your viewpoint.

Yes, Kevin is a convicted felon, which he is very open about. Is it conceivable by chance that every person who has made such mistakes should be permanently condemned and the idea that they could turn their life around be considered an impossibility?

reply: Stealing people's credit card numbers and using them to enrich yourself when you are 25 years old is not "youthful indiscretion." He's been involved in several marketing adventures over the years. His only expertise is in selling. He's not a health expert, a memory expert, a diet expert, etc. Even this natural cures stunt is rigged: buy my book and I'll direct you to my web site where you can subscribe to my newsletter where I'll tell you all about what "they" don't want you to know. This may sound like a life-turnaround to you, but it has a funny odor to me.

To be honest, I just hate your arrogance and your attitude of absolute certainty that you are right and it cannot possibly be otherwise. You're very one-sided. Even the things you quote you have to put your spin on. Don't use my name.

reply: I can't, since you didn't sign your email. What you ought to turn your hatred toward, though, are the people who are taking advantage of your good nature and your natural talent for sniffing out a con.

3 Aug 2005
Thanks for doing an entry on this guy. In my less skeptical days (about 1993), I heard a radio ad for the "Mega Memory" system. Wow! I had to buy it. Good thing I had just been issued my first credit card. I remember ol' Kevin being the director of the "American Memory Institute" or something like that. How prestigious!

I finally received the package in the mail, and set aside two hours to start improving my memory. Honestly, I have to say it was an enjoyable & interesting lesson, complete with tapes, charts, books, etc. Of course, I was so excited about the materials that a certain placebo effect was unavoidable. I recall Mr. Trudeau insisting on the audio tape that his memory system was NOT plain old "basic association", it was much better. After all, who would pay over $100.00 for a basic association course? My assessment is that Mega Memory isn't worthless, just over-hyped & over-priced.

I still have my Mega Memory materials, and for the price I paid, I'll be damned if they're going anywhere. One of these days I'll try it again, if just to see how gullible I really was back then.

Now about Trudeau's infomercial: He's full of baloney. I've heard his lines several times before from other quacks; 'cancer can't grow in an alkaline body', 'doctors are conspiring to keep natural cures from the public', '100% pure and truthful information', 'my comments are unbiased', 'the FDA, the FTC, and the pharmaceutical cartels are suppressing natural alternative therapies and cures, and taking our health freedoms away from us', and on and on. On his infomercial, Trudeau makes a point of saying his website 'accepts no advertising', as if advertisements automatically taint content. I'm wondering if this kind of drivel is ever going to cease. I'm glad the feds are after him, because the guy is pushing fraudulent information, and he probably knows it. Quackwatch.org has more than enough references to refute the bulk of Mr. Trudeau's statements.

Wait a second... Quackwatch has one ad from a BUSINESS CARD company, and so does Skepdic.com! I guess we can't trust anything on these sites, because they accept advertisements. The authors of Quackwatch & SkepDic are totally biased in favor of the BUSINESS CARD lobby.

James R.

reply: James Randi has been ranting about Trudeau for years, but Trudeau is like the Phoenix. You can throw him in prison and fine him millions of dollars but he rises from the ashes every time. In a recent newsletter, Randi noted that Trudeau's Natural Cures book was for sale at the local Walgreen's Pharmacy, despite the fact that the book claims that the pharmaceutical cartel is intentionally defrauding us Trudeau makes many other outrageously false claims. For example, he claims that sunscreen lotion causes skin cancer but the sun does not. He also claims that scientists are putting "secret poisonous chemicals" in our food. Randi complained to the manager of his local Walgreen's and to corporate headquarters when he got no reply from the local. He encouraged others to complain as well and Walgreen's corporate headquarters issued a directive to remove the book from its stores!

Now if we can only convince Costco to do the same! I was in the Vacaville, CA, store this afternoon and there were stacks of Trudeau's Natural Cures book for sale about 50 feet from all the pharmaceuticals.

Kevin Trudeau

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