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16 Oct 2000 
i read your "analysis" of homeopathic medicine, weak my friend, you represent every close-minded narrow thinking american in this hallowed land, and we wonder why the rest of the world can't stand us, may be it is because we have attitudes like yours, homeopathy works, it is not pseudo, it is not placebo, i spent a year searching for what ailed me, i went to allopathic doctors who kept pumping me with chemicals, finally i went to a homeopath, who understood my disease, and healed my body, i am not saying traditional medicine is no good, there are wonderful medicines, and techniques available today, i am saying there is more to healing than what your pharmaceutical companies want you to know, how else are they going to get rich, learn the history sir and pull the wool from over your eyes, there is more to life than antibiotics, and antihistamines, and steroids, and decongestants, and all other toxins we put into our bodies in our lifetime,

larry montgomery

reply: Just because doctors couldn't cure you and you feel good now, after going to a homeopath, doesn't mean homeopathy works.

17 Oct 2000 
This is to inform you that though you may very well be entitled to your opinion, so are all the other folks in the world. Just browsing through your pages has not interested me to finish reading everything (although I know I should and some day I might ). I'd rather put my faith in God first and therapist who care about humans as a whole person, than see a doctor who only cares about kick backs from a drug company and all the riches it may bring. Riches that I might add, does not last forever and does not bring happiness. I have seen my mother die of cancer. The process took over 18 months. The hospitals poked and jabbed her with needles and probes until she couldn't take it anymore. They offered no help to heal her in the way she needed. Healing comes from within, not from a pill. I wish that she could have encountered someone who could have healed her emotionally and spiritually, even though she knew she was going to die. The healing may not have helped her physically, but it sure would have helped in other ways. I know for a fact that the conventional ways did not help her in any way what so ever. All the treatments she went through only killed her faster than if she would have only taken pain pills that was prescribed to her at the end while she was on hospices. Healing is not about taking away the surfaced problem, it is about getting to the root of the problem. Most physical pain and it's problems comes from ourselves, we or other people put too much stress on our bodies. Which in turn breaks down the immune system. Therefore, as you already know, causes colds, flu, and disease. The doctors fear that these new (but old) ways may take their place. This is not the case. We as human beings will always need a doctor for something in our lifetime. Progress can be good, only if we use it for the good of ourselves and others. This means not to have temptation for material gains as our motive. As for the therapist who do work with their hands to help others, more power to them . We need more human connection in this world. Look on the bright side, these healers can not poison you while they touch you, unlike the drugs that enter your body. Which, may I add, comes from doctors who like to be called healers. Was that not a term used for doctors long ago?????? You may keep your opinions. And may I suggest that if ever you feel out of sorts, which is a sign from your body that it needs to rebalance its self, Give one of these healers a try. What do you have to lose, besides a little money. The doctors take it from us a 100x faster then they do. Anyway you can't take gold and silver with you when you die.

Entitled to my opinion too, thanks for your time.

reply: As badly as doctors and hospitals may have treated your mother, it doesn't follow that faith healers are trustworthy.



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