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reader comments: spirit photography & thoughtography

15 Feb 2014
My Organization is interested in finding a qualified person to study 'paranormal photographs' that have been taken by an individual for over a decade.

The process has some elements of 'thoughtography' though best described simply as supernatural.

The photographs are not of modern human ghosts but they are 'spirit type' .The images are of the "otherworld" that is invisible to most people. I assure you that these photographs are a game changer.

We are located in the Northwest USA.
Thanks, LLP

reply: A photograph of creatures walking around on Mars would be a game changer. We have many types of cameras that can generate images of things that are invisible to all people. Nothing new there. Photos of spirits or 'spirit types' have been around for as long as there have been cameras. None of them are game changers because we have a good understanding of how images of spirits, orbs, ghosts, and the like are created. Only a group unfamiliar with how cameras work and how images are created would think that the only explanation for certain photos is that they are of the supernatural. Any person qualified to examine and evaluate photos would tell you the same thing: the photos have a natural and terrestrial origin. Any person who says he is qualified to distinguish real from fake photos of the supernatural by examining the photos is a liar. That said, I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding dozens of experts willing to take your money and validate your beliefs.

spirit photography & thoughtography


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