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reader comments: remote viewing

 6 Aug 2008

(note: I've corrected a few spelling errors in the following rant, but I've left enough of the original for the reader to get a good taste of the high level of discourse I am privy to on a regular basis from readers who have carefully read what I've written and care enough to send me their very best. --RTC)

i have recently read the web sites section on "remote viewing" and am astonished at how naive and blind the writer is when it comes to the legitimacy of this art. 

the writer sites many many times over, the quotes from various experts and people "in the know" close to remote viewing, and from these quotes the writer somehow is able to discount remote viewing based on what these people have said. 

to me it seems very childish to research such an unknown section of phenomena and only detail what the united states government personnel have said about this art.  i cant believe anyone who is trying to find any truth to such a secret-art as this is, would find any semblance of truth, or expect any truth, from the us government.

please know that i have been studying and applying this art for 5 years now and am completely convinced that this art resides in the nervous system of all humans and is completely true.  

for the author to write such an article, without consulting other masters of this art and only consult those US "experts," can be seen as only a horrible and misguided attack on this art. 

it would behoove the author to know that our government is not stupid and does not spend millions and many years on projects if they do not provide some sort of outcome.  in fact, the outcome for this art is so prolific that there is no doubt in my mind the government has spent a lot of energy in making sure this art is not given to the masses.  i have seen too much in the way of results that it makes me laugh at your author, not in a condescending way, but in a way an adult laughs at a child who pushes the door the wrong way and becomes frustrated. 

please know that im not here to convince anyone of the reality of remote viewing.  im merely saying that your author has let his ego allow the government to fill his mind with disinformation.  this art can be misinterpreted so easily and the gov knows that.  it would service the author (who i suspect has not dedicated himself to a humbled study of this art) to sit down with a good friend and take a year to decide whether or not this art is real.  if you rely on the gov opinion for the truth then you will not only get zero truth, you will be led down whatever path they choose.  so be wise and listen to an adept at this art when i say that leading up to the year 2012, your argument in this web site will have to be cleared away piece by piece as the real truth seeps in.  and yes, the physics books are wrong, time and space all obey Newton's law where for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  in time, the past not only influences the future, but the future equally and oppositely effects the past.  if you want to know the real truth to remote viewing, look not at the US gov, but turn your eyes at a real adept at this art.  you can find him in the mirror if you only had the time to see. 

For now we see through the glass, Darkly. 

reply: Blake, all I see from your words of wisdom is that you see things your way and I don't. If you didn't like my entry on remote viewing, you probably won't like my review of Dean Radin's panegyric to RVers like yourself. In any case, why don't you prove your powers to the world? A million dollars awaits you!

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