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reader comments: Q-Ray bracelet

9 December 2011
In regards to your Q-link bashing I have couple of questions to you.

1. Where is your scientific evidence that backs your criticism?

reply: Actually, I was hoping the makers of the Q-ray would provide scientific evidence that the bracelet can "balance your yin and yang" and "energize your whole body and relieve pains the natural way by boosting chi..." Criticism that asks for scientific evidence before believing is based on common sense: when extraordinary claims are made the one making the claims should provide some proof for them.

2. So if we can't see it doesn't exists? Kind of dumb, don't you think?

reply: It would be dumb to claim that if we can't see it, it doesn't exist. Many things exist that we can't see.

With that logic emf doesn't exist either because we can't see it.

reply: Good thinking!

However there is evidence - scientific - that measures radiation and it is well known among doctors and those knowledgeable in the subject of plant and animal life that it negatively effects [sic] the planet's living system. Us included. Since we are all energetic beings resonance of cells [??] and biological beings does make a lot of common sense.

reply: What do you mean we're all "energetic beings resonance of cells"? What makes a lot of common sense?

I would suggest further readings on the subject here. I have no affiliation to the site but I recently read the book and further will educate myself on the subject. That means avoiding sites such as yours where you criticize matters but obviously have very little understanding on the invisible things of life, let alone back up your scientific bashing with something tangible for the folks to understand. Perhaps you should go and live beside power lines - eat healthy, exercise and we'll see how you do in couple of years.

reply: What about the Q-Ray? What site do you have no affiliation with and what book did you read?

There are people who eat healthy, exercise, and do all the right things yet are still weakened by electromagnetic radiation. These people are simply sensitive to the stuff. But reading your article I don't expect you to understand.

Regards, Liz

reply: I understand that all kinds of people blame all kinds of things for their discomforts and pains. I also understand that the interpretation of personal exerience is fraught with dangers. I don't deny there are people who suffer real physical pain and blame their problems on EMFs. The scientific evidence doesn't support their claims. Just because someone says they are "sensitive" to something, doesn't make it true. I don't doubt that they suffer but the evidence does not favor their interpretation.


14 December 2008
Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. I am one of many who wear a Q-Ray and don't know what I will do if they ever stop making them. I am a hairstylist and actually was introduced to them by a client who is a golfer. She as well was introduced to them by a fellow golfer. It had trickled down from many that way. We were not enticed by infomercials or false claims. We were told by actual human beings who had worn them and were convinced for whatever reason, be it mind over pain or whatever you want to call it, but it had worked for them.

I am one of those people with musculoskeletal disorder you mentioned and you may not believe it but I work (with the bracelet on) 10 and 12 hour days! Cutting, coloring, and perming hair, non-stop most of the time without even taking a lunch break. I do this 4 days a week. I had been told I would need to quit working soon and started medication. The medication is to help me function better, but the bracelet has helped tremendously with the pain. Everyone I know who has purchased a Q-Ray after my testimonial has been happy with them! I tell them it may or may not be for real, but if it is psychological it is fine with me...whatever works! I personally think it has to be for real. How could it fake out that many people in just my circle of friends, family and clients?

Dana B McMullan

reply: I have a suggestion. Why not try a little experiment. Keep a pain diary for the next four weeks. During the first week, at the end of each day rate your average pain for that day on a scale of 1-10, with 1  being "nearly pain free" and 10 being "excruciating pain." Take your medication and wear your bracelet the first week. Then go a week without your medication, but wear the bracelet. The following week go without your bracelet, but take your medication. Then go a week without either the bracelet or the medication.

If you do the experiment, please let me know the results.

 Q-Ray bracelet


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