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reader comments: psychic surgery

Stephen TuroffThis old man [Stephen Turroff] is a violent maniac, clamping my left knee, hitting it with a chisel and hammer, making me cry out in pain when I wanted merely healing.

I had surgery in September 2015, 3 months ago; the tendons muscles & ligaments were healing naturally. I just wanted an extra boost as it were, but his colleagues held me down on a bed so I couldn't see the box of tools consisting of carving knives, hammers, chisels, scissors, clamps, cotton, wool, etc.

He has bruised and scarred and injured my knee with scissors & when I screamed he slapped me...told me not to cry, that my leg works better than his!

I called police who won't get involved as he professes to be a healer, non-malicious, without intent.

I am presently in pain and limping and cannot turn my leg to the side, but planned a Christmas party which I have cancelled now.

I called him telling him that I have reported him but he lost his temper shouting angrily, unlike a holy man he professes to be, saying I'm off my head.

Michelle Blake

reply: Though I am sorry for your troubles and pain, given the state of the world these days, it is actually refreshing to get an email about an ordinary quack harming another innocent victim in the name of holiness and special powers. Sounds like Turoff keeps some of his carpentry tools from his earlier profession in his medicine bag. I especially like the part about the police doing nothing. Perhaps they know that Turoff and his ilk always manage to get off the hook and they'd be wasting their time arresting him. I hope you have a good lawyer, though this guy has been abusing people for many years and has probably duped the best of them.


06 May 2000 
Stephen Turoff, the so-called psychic surgeon, is well known to me. I went to see him about 2 years ago.

You wait in his surgery while endless films of Sai Baba play. Sai Baba has been exposed as a sham and a charlatan in several books and also the Skeptic's Dictionary. There are books on the www exposing him too.

Stephen Turoff is a follower of Sai Baba.

In the Turoff surgery are many people - all foreign - and most with no command of English. This 'free' healer takes £200 in under ten minutes.

I saw him for spasmodic torticollis.

He had never heard of dystonia but nevertheless performed an 'operation', i.e. his 'guide' did.

He then pronounced me as being completely cured.

I felt nothing - especially no benefit.

Stephen Turoff was then investigated by the tax authorities.

That's all I know.
chris sivewright

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