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23 Mar 2000 
You say "the Ouija board is used in divination and spiritualism". In junior high school I found another use for the board: seduction. There you are in a dimly lit room with her hand on the planchette and your hand over hers. Why it's almost like holding hands! Then the final questions always seemed to be "should we neck?" And the answer was always "YES". I guarantee that it was not me moving the planchette at least some of the time.

Tim Boettcher

24 Mar 2000 
Many years ago, I remember an "article" in MAD Magazine entitled "Things you never hear people say" or something like that.

The only one I remember was, "If there really is an afterlife, I'll bet the best way to contact it is through a plastic, mass-produced board game from Milton Bradley!"
Russell Glasser

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