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reader comments: emotion code of Bradley Nelson

4 Sept 2015
Hi there,

My name is Christina Crowland. I have just read your comments regarding The Emotion Code......while I find your comments interesting, I feel they are also somewhat narrow minded, especially for someone who is depicted as being rather more than unusually academic. Not everything can be 'proved scientifically'......for example, we all know that wind is caused by the uneven heating of the earth's surface by the sun because during the day the air above the land heats up faster than the air above water like oceans and lakes. Therefore the air above the water is cooler and heavier. Result = wind. But what does wind LOOK like: we can feel its effects, but what does it look like......I'd like to know the answer to that one too.

So it is with energy....we can't see it, yet we know it's there, because of the way it creates an action of its own.

I'm not one of those 'whoo whoo' people either.

reply: Yes, you are, as is revealed further in your comments below on "muscle testing," i.e., applied kinesiology. [Wind is moving air and is caused by differences in air pressure within our atmosphere. Air under high pressure moves toward areas of low pressure. The greater the difference in pressure, the faster the air flows.*]

My background has been in primary, secondary and further education, prior to that I had jobs that ranged from dishwashers to personal secretary to a Managing Director. I also had my own business. However, I digress.

At the age of 45 my health began to suffer. Numerous trips to the Doctors and specialists only resulted in me being given more and more pills and potions of ever increasing strength which then had the end result of me having a fried brain in that I could no longer remember simple facts and figures or even speak without stuttering. I could no longer stand, sit or even walk for any length of time. Eventually, they said I was suffering from stress. But, again, which stress? I'd experienced many occasions in my life which gave me stress at the time.

reply: Stress is like energy. You can't see it but you can claim that just about anything is an effect of it and nobody can prove you're wrong.

A 6 week period of total 'relaxation' saw me no better. During that 'relaxtion time' I began to read about healing philosophies and then techniques which used a mixture of Eastern/Western healing ideologies....as you can imagine, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get better. I studied papers written by different scientists who worked in the field of Quantum Physics and how we, as human beings are total energy. My reasoning here was that IF we are total energy and I do have, somewhere, somehow, a blocked energy in my own body, there has to be a way of unblocking it. But first I had to find someone who did this type of work, someone who could be trusted, since, as with Doctors of scientific medicine, there are charlatans who play on the naive.

At the time, I didn't come across Bradley who uses the Emotion Code, but instead, into my orbit came a person called Jeff Levin who, like Bradley also works on the energies of the body, so I went to see a practitioner for an initial treatment. To say it was mind blowing was an understatement. Using muscle testing and from over 2000 words linked to the various emotions, my own body indicated two words which I was then asked to explain their relevance, to me. Suffice to say, those words, plus talking, brought to the surface an incident which had happened in my life when I was in my very early teens....one I had dealt with at the time, consciously, but not on a sub-conscious level. Certainly one I had forgotten. The corrective measures were put in place.

During that particular session, muscle testing my body revealed three more 'issues' I had unresolved....all of them in my teenage years....all which I had thought I had dealt with at the time. I left that practitioner 'feeling lighter'. That's the only way I could describe it. The following month saw my health improving, so much so that I stopped taking the medication. Three months down the line my health is back to peak, and I then trained in this Discipline myself, having great success, I might add. I have also had clients who, upon coming for help, were great skeptics. That is, until they saw what this type of work did for them.

Having an open mind is one of the greatest things we have going for us, as humans. Unless you have tried it, for pain/stress relief, don't knock it. You'll be surprised.

reply: I'm not really surprised that anyone who believes what you believe also thinks that one of the greatest attributes in the world is having an open mind. It takes no skill to have an open mind, especially one that is so open that it lets in the garbage along with the treasures.

emotion code of Bradley Nelson


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