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15 Apr 1998
If all the cities of the Earth were to follow the example of Seattle and neutralize negative energies while amplifying the positive, don't we run the risk of blowing the world apart because of all the resulting mutually repellant positive charges?

Just a thought.
Karl Jennings

reply: Maybe you have discovered the real meaning of the power of positive thinking.

23 Nov 2000 
Karl Jennings' comment raised a smile, but be careful. If you equate positive energy and positive charge, you fall into the same trap as all those New Age people who distort quantum mechanics to mean precisely what they want it to mean. In fact, positive energy has no meaning unless you define a system, when positive energy becomes energy going into that system (and negative energy energy coming out, clearly). A little physics goes a long way.

Nick Kiddle 

reply: I'm sure Karl will get a charge out of your negative comments.


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