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reader comments: Jon Barron

21 August 2013
Dear Arrogant and Ignorant,

You are represent the nemesis of modern self absorbed, and insanely ignorant society - with a curious notion that your bizarrely superficial opinion on EVERYTHING is someone valid!

reply: Nice opening! No doubt the errors are due to your rage and being in a hurry to save the world from another irritant.

More or less you are an information junkie who does not realize how ridiculous it is that you you mysterious and magically are qualified and capable to evaluate, judge, condemn sophisticated realms that others have spent their lifetimes gaining REAL sophistication and nuance in.

reply: "REAL" nuance? Wow. I've been striving for that expression for years. Thank you!

How do you live with such hypocrisy? Hasn't this ever occurred to you? Or is it that you just don't have any integrity? Which one is it? Blue pill or red pill? There is no yellow pill.

reply: It's about the pills, is it? I'm not a medical doctor and can't advise you on what medications you should be taking. See your local homeopath, ask for some malaria pills, and take a vacation somewhere exotic.

I am a Ph.D., with 7 scholarships, with degrees in philosophy, psychology, international relations, criminology and fine arts. I have lectured in over 20 countries around the world.I have advised two presidents of foreign countries on geopolitical matters. I have spent 38 years practicing mediation, practicing alternative health for as many years as well as studying Daoist healing for decades. I am probably at least as smart and as well educated- as you are.

reply: You certainly have the credentials. I don't think I've ever met a Ph.D. with seven scholarships who mediates. Or should that be meditates? Anyway, I've advised way more presidents than you have....with the same results, I'll bet. I'm curious, though. How does that Daoist healing work with anger and humility issues?

I come across your sophomoric bullshit from time to time and just sigh. You are one of many who probably cannot take advice, but feel qualified to give it.

reply: Au contraire! I always take advice from people with a Ph.D. and seven scholarships, especially when they are adept at the ad hominem and vague invective, insidious or not.

Then I happened on your review of Jon Barron. That pushed my button.

reply: Ah. Now we know the real reason for your visit. Barron has several other admirers who have written me. They've all had the same message: Jon Barron is a genius and unworthy of criticism by someone who doesn't practice alternative healing or understand that cancer is caused by bad diet and can be avoided with the right vitamin therapy and more voltage. Another element of Barron's impentrable belief shield is his infallible knowledge that vaccinations are harming our children.

I happen to have known Jon since about 1973. He is faultless in his integrity, his dedication to creating the best products. Who the flying f--- are you to judge people like him and others? Jon won't even produce a multi-vitamin even though he could sell a lot - because after decades of dedication to alternative health - he cannot make one that matches his criteria of excellence.

reply: Wow! I'm amazed at what counts as integrity in some quarters.

I know what his margins are. To create the highest quality products means paying the price for high quality ingredients. I know his dedication to his employees and most of all to his friends and customers. Decades of study! He has lectured at major hospitals around the country, professionals from around the world read his website - a virtual encyclopedia of health - and you, you whoever you are - feel qualified to judge him? Talk about presumptuous arrogance! And what exactly are you qualifications to evaluate sophisticated and esoteric topics?

Get a real job.


reply: No thanks. I'm retired and plan to stay that way. Thank you for letting us know that Barron is very popular. He might even be as popular as Joe Mercola or Sylvia Browne.

I won't accuse you of being arrogant. Your words speak for themselves. I can't help but note, however, that someone who believes and advocates ideas that are contrary to the bulk of the evidence is the poster child for arrogance. The only thing more arrogant would be to name some "effect" after yourself, even though nobody else has ever detected it. Barron's views on the need for detoxification, cancer, vitamins, food, healing energy frequencies, Kirlian photography, and vaccinations place him in a league of his own. He must feel special having someone who has a Ph.D. and seven scholarships sitting in the bleachers, cheering him on.

erosascending writes a follow-up:

22 August 2013
I had a chit chat with Jon Barron, told him of my discovery of your meaningless trite against him, and sent him my mail to you. He in turn sent me his rebuttal - which of course a cowardly fraud like yourself - didn't print. Nor my letter - of course.

reply: There is a link to Barron's "rebutting a skeptic" at the end of the entry. I'll repost the link here so you can find it. However, since you couldn't even find your own email posted here, I suppose I post in vain. (Again, I make no corrections and do not [sic] anything in erosascending's email.)

So this is just between you and me. Like the two of us in an alley. Jon is such a bastion of integrity who has affected so many many lives for the better. Tear jerking stories of people who have recovered their lives again. And you track record? You contribution to society is? Its all about you - isn't it? You don't give a damn whether someone benefits from your self absorbed masterbatory blabbering. Your fragile little ego hiding behind the electronic media where no one can kick your pathetic ass of the stage.

I could say I am curious, but I am not, but I will ask the question anyway, hopefully it will sting enough that you do the world a favor and shut up and go away. How do you live with yourself?" How does it feel to be a liar, a fraud, libelist, piece of shit, undermining the hard earned true intellectual excellence of others? The bit of the distorted picture... ouch, what a lowlife. Puff yourself up, look over your glasses, as if you are some distinguished pillar in the intellectual community... but in truth - you are simply - intellectual and human toxicity. Poison... a little viral enclave who found a host - the internet - in which to live in the bowels of the colon and poison your benefactor... ugly. I hope someone sues you into the toilet with the rest of your 65 pounds of intellectual feces.

reply: How many years did you say you spent studying Daoist healing? As they say, with friends like you, your hero doesn't need any enemies. Anyway, you might consider asking your hero to prescribe one of his detox potions to cleanse your mouth and heart. It probably wouldn't hurt to ask for a maturity pill or two, either.

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