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reader comments: Dowsing for Dollars

1 Feb 1999
Re your recently posted essay on the DKL Lifeguard and why people think it works, you might like to check out
http://www.premiernet.net/~detectors/tks-2000.html, wherein an even MORE expensive ($30,000!) device that is claimed to be able to locate buried treasure of all kinds, among other things, is to be found.

It'd be no good to us, unfortunately. The disclaimer (http://www.premiernet.net/~detectors/tksdisclaimer.html) specifies that it doesn't work when skeptics try to use it.
Daniel Rutter (Australia)

reply: The disclaimer also says it won't work for dowsers or anyone who is "nonconductive."

p.s. I recommend Dan's essay on The EMPower Modulator, another amazing high-tech invention of questionable utility.

1 Feb 1999
How can Dr. Joseph P. Dougherty test the Lifeguard mounted on a tripod if the operator is a ground and "part of the LifeGuard's dielectric array"?

Maybe you don't need an operator if you're only looking for indications of big-toes being raised.
Tim Boettcher

reply: Maybe Dr. Doughterty has a grounded aura?

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