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Sat, 16 Sept 2000
Thanks for your article on Feng Shui. I'm an interior design student and took a Feng Shui class recently. The people in the class were really taking it a bit too seriously, worrying that their personal trigram didn't work with their husband's, etc. I was surprised that people who didn't know anything previously about Feng Shui took everything so seriously and literally. Not one question was asked about exactly how rearranging one's bedroom will bring one love. Maybe it's just a state of mind, I don't know, but they just went with it. Kinda reminded me of religion.

However, Feng Shui definitely has it's good points that should be incorporated into interior design. A few points include being organized, putting safety and comfort above style, getting rid of objects that bring back negative memories, and fixing broken things.

I think it's ridiculous that people believe they have to hire "Feng Shui" experts, when incorporating elements are simple and easy to learn from books. However, I took the class because people are always going to want to hire someone to do it for them. I'm not complaining!

Your site is wonderful, keep it up!!
Cheers, Meretricula

reply: I guess sometimes you just have to give the customer what he or she wants. But it is dismaying that there is so little skepticism about such things as feng shui.

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