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reader comments: Jeane Dixon

26 Jan 2010
Dear Skeptic Dictionary folks,

Nice job on Dixon the "psychic."

But you neglected to mention that more importantly than anything else, Dixon was a personal friend of a certain nightclub owner named Jack Ruby. While hanging out there, she was privy to the assassination plans being hatched by Ruby and his higher mob contact Sam Giancana.

When the assassination actually happened as they planned, Dixon was both grateful for her career and frightened for her life. This certainly explains why you can find many cases of Dixon actually trying to backtrack on Kennedy assassination material in a desperate effort to "cloud" all such related "predictions" to look a little less suspicious and right on the money.

Of course her true self is shown in many later attempts at predicting events, most notably her huge flop with a new era of peace starting in 2000, the year before the 9/11 disaster launched us into two wars!

But Sylvia Brown didn't predict it either, so she's just as phony as Dixon was. Brown appeared the very night before 9/11 on Larry King Live, and had nothing to say about anything even remotely connected to the toppling towers.

Gotta love those fakers - they certainly have a "god"-given "gift"!

- Ed Gauthier

reply: This is all news to me. Maybe Dixon planted the seed that inspired Ruby to the deed? Who knows? We should call for an investigation.

Sylvia Browne just had an off night. She's not infallible, you know. Mean and heartless, yes, but not infallible.

Jeane Dixon

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