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15 May 1999
As an author and internationally certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, I must question your description of the Bach Flower Essences as a "type of homeopathic aromatherapy."

In what regard do you mean it is a form of aromatherapy? Although the Bach Flowers can be used integratively with Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), the flower essences do not affect the sensory organs in any way...neither by smell or by massaging on the skin using a carrier oil.

By using the expression "homeopathic aromatherapy" the reader may get a false impression.

reply: You are probably right, but since I cannot find a consistent use of the term 'aromatherapy' by those who practice it, and since much of what goes by the name of aromatherapy involves rubbing "essential oils" that may be eaten, used in a bath, drunk, rubbed on, and, for all I know, intuited, I have used this infelicitous expression. It is difficult to classify Bach's therapy, but I think it differs from much of what is called aromatherapy in that it is homeopathic. Hence, my description as it being a type of homeopathic aromatherapy. Perhaps it should be called a type of homeopathic mysticism.

Jack Raso describes your art as a "quasi-homeopathic system of pseudodiagnosis and pseudotherapy." Would that be more accurate? 

The Bach Flower Essences are homeopathically-prepared liquids...with no direct relation to aromatherapy as far as I know. The flower essence liquids contain no physical components of the plant or flower from which it comes. It is therefore much safer than essential oils (aromatherapy).

reply: This is probably true. In fact, both are probably safer than drinking the tap water in my town.

The Bach Flower Essences are the only flower essences in the world approved for sale by the US FDA. They are listed in the US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.
Alicia Sirkin
Certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner Registered with the Edward Bach Foundation

reply: Why would the FDA approve what it cannot test? Or does the FDA now believe that plants have souls?

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