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Bio-ching is the union of the modern pseudoscience of biorhythms and the ancient superstitious mysticism of the I Ching. Bio-ching was created by Roderic Sorrell, D.D. and Amy Max Sorrell, D.D., who describe themselves as "therapists" on their twin websites.  The Sorrells use a computer program that spits out something from the I Ching for each of the 512 biorhythmic combos of their system.  In short, they've added an electronic fortune cookie (with equivalent wisdom) to the biorhythm chart.

They prepared for their great innovation by living on a houseboat in San Francisco Bay for several years, "sampling the New Age Emporium that is California." There they learned of "the meridian energy of acupuncture, the power of the deep massage of Rolfing" and "the esoteric practices of Taoist meditation." They studied "herbal healing" and "were introduced to the newly emerging electronic approaches to the mind: sound and light stimulation of the mind's beta, alpha, theta and delta waves, and biofeedback." On the side, they became reiki masters.

The Sorrells describe themselves as deliriously happy and at peace with the world in their new home of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. They want to make you happy, too, and help you achieve inner tranquility or fix whatever physical or spiritual inadequacy you might have. So, they are offering private retreats (minimum of 3 days) for couples, partners and friends for $250 per day per person. In addition to spiritual counseling, you get room and board for this price. For $500 more you can do a 3-day retreat on their houseboat at a nearby lake. While there ask about their "sound and light machine," their "bio-feedback machine," and their "subliminal tapes." 

Bio-ching might well be called a  folie à deux deux.*  

*A folie à deux is the presence of the same delusion in two persons closely associated with one another. When two deluded persons bring together two follies to form a new delusion we have the classic folie à deux deux.

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