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SD App for the iPhone & the iPad

sd app iconThe Skeptic's Dictionary app is now available from iTunes. The SD app was developed by David Knobel and makes access to the core terms listed on the Contents page of the website a breeze. With the SD app you can scroll the contents list from A to Z or search directly for a name or term from among more than 700 items. There are no ads or other distractions, just links to Dictionary entries presented in a font size you can read easily on your phone's screen. The app also works on the iPad.

The app will load the contents list the first time you use it. After that, you have the option of uploading the latest list or not. A History file will keep track of list items you've visited.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Current version 1.01


  • All of Skeptic's Dictionary's comprehensive articles right at your fingertips
  • Use Search feature or scroll to find the entry you want
  • History Tab keeps track of previously viewed articles and saves between sessions
  • Articles are formatted for mobile device viewing, without ads
  • Fully functional in both Portrait and Landscape orientations
  • Option to email links to articles
  • version 1.02 has been released. It fixes a reloading problem that occurred with the iPhone when new files were added to The Skeptic's Dictionary..

Note: Internet access is required to view articles.

sd iconFor those who prefer access to all the files on the website, you can add a customized SD icon to your iPhone or iPad. Use Safari to go the skepdic.com site, click the right-aiming arrow in the box (at the bottom center of the screen on the iPhone and left of the url window on the iPad) and select "Add to Home Screen." I recommend keeping the name of the link short, e.g. SkepDic.

Now you can carry the SD with you wherever you take your phone or iPad. When that pesky but lovable friend, teacher, or family member becomes infatuated with the paranormal, the supernatural, the occult, or some strange-sounding alternative to science-based medicine, the SD can provide the antidote in an instant. With more than 700 terms and names to choose from, the SD app takes you on a journey from abracadabra to zombies.

The SD is your one-stop source for information on weird beliefs and the critical thinking skills needed to understand and combat them. It is also chock-full of references should you wish to do more research on a topic.

The content covers alternative medicine, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and UFOs, frauds and hoaxes, junk science, logic and perception, New Age energy, and all things psychic and paranormal.

Last updated 29-Aug-2013


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