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angel therapy

Angel therapy is a type of New Age therapy based on the notion that communicating with angels is the key to healing. Angel therapists believe they facilitate healing by helping their patients get in touch with angels who will guide the patients in the right direction.

Susan Stevenson, a hypnotherapist who practices past life regressive therapy, sees angels everywhere.

My life seems to be teeming with angelic connections, and the momentum is building. Have you noticed this in your own life? Angelic reminders that they are with us- 'whispers' in our ear, 'taps' on the shoulder, brushes of air across your skin or changes in air pressure, 'flutters' from deep inside, glints of light and color- all these gentle hints to pay closer attention to their presence. Think back- have you been paying attention, listening, responding? I know I certainly have been. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., in her newest book "Angel Therapy", says that this increased activity is directly related to the approaching millennium.

I assume Dr. Virtue (her doctorate is from California Coast University) is referring to the increased activity of New Age millennial thinkers whose presence is growing, whose momentum is building, and whose profound fluttering continues to slap reason in the face while the candle in the dark gets dimmer and dimmer. Or perhaps Virtue is referring to the ka-ching! sound getting louder and louder as people line up to hear her talk about her imaginary friends that do such extraordinary things as find her a parking place when she's in a hurry.

If you are hoping to cash in on the angel therapy business by getting your own Ph.D. from California Coast University (CCU), you are too late. While the school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council, that agency does not accredit doctoral level programs and CCU doesn't offer doctorates any more. Not to worry. Watch this video of Doreen and her fourth husband, Dr. Steven Farmer, who fancies himself a shaman of some sort calls himself an expert in "power animals." (Apparently, the angels have been jerking Dr. Angel around with bad love advice.) You might learn something about how you, too, can get on this bandwagon. Doctor Farmer got his Ph.D. from Madison University, a non-accredited distance learning university located in Gulfport, Mississippi.

It's hard to believe that anyone doubts these folks are the real thing, but then dark matter makes up most of the universe and everyone knows how little we know about that.

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