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News item: Marketers of Q-Ray Ionized Bracelet Charged by FTC

FTC Seeks To Halt Deceptive Pain Relief Claims and Provide Consumer Refunds

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Q-Ray® Bracelets

Qt, Inc., located at 680 Fargo Avenue in Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, is selling bracelets via the Internet for $49-$169 each. They claim theirs is unique. It's "the World's Only Ionized bracelet of its kind for balancing your body's Yin-Yang (Positive & Negative ions)." At least their claim is unique: I don't recall anyone else saying that yin and yang are ions.

How a bracelet is supposed to balance your yin and yang is not mentioned on their web site. They also say that it will "energize your whole body and relieve pains the natural way by boosting "Chi"..." This also is a unique concept. At least, I don't recall anyone ever claiming they could increase chi. People claim to be able to move it, unblock it, manipulate it, transfer it, but increase it? I don't think so. In any case, they do not mention how they measure chi or how they know the Q-Ray increases it.

The Q-Ray people also say--although I am not sure even they know what they mean--that

The speed of "Chi" in your body is equal to the speed of the light, based on the body electric. So fast, so effective. Not slowly, locally like others.

Apparently, clear English is not a strong suit with the Q-Ray people. Nor is intelligible or intelligent trademark claims. For example they claim to have a trademark on each of the following:

  • Natural Pain Relief™
  • Often imitated, Never duplicated™
  • Serious Performance Bracelet™

Why would anyone buy or wear such a bracelet? Well, it does have "cutting-edge exclusive Ionization Technology for 24 hours Non Stop Performance." And "the Original Ionized Q-Ray covers the whole afflicted areas of body instantly." Still not convinced? How about this: "Worn by more Pro-Tour golfers in the PGA and athletes in the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL." The MLB? If this vague comparison doesn't convince you, maybe this will

Balancing your body's Yin-Yang (Chi) is everything in your competitive Sports Performance and well beings. No Doping Test needed for Q-Ray.

Q-Ray provides a free dope test to anyone who buys a bracelet. However, certification is extra.
[thanks to Aaron Unrau]

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